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New year, new you… the health benefits of being a moto or MTB rider

Feeling a bit sluggish after the Christmas break? Don’t worry we’ve been slacking a bit on the riding front too. But you’ve got no excuse now… get back on your bike and feel the benefits. Who needs a gym when you’ve got a bike? It’s the ultimate fitness tool!

Whether you’re a hardcore Enduro rider, prefer a slightly slower pace as a trail rider or smash it down the slopes as a MTB rider, it’s safe to say all types of riding need a certain level of fitness and are all pretty physically demanding. Here are the health benefits of getting back into it in 2022.

It shifts those calories

This may be an obvious one, but did you know that just 1 hour of riding can burn up to 1000 calories? So whilst you may have to increase the amount you’re eating to see you through a tough day competing, you will quickly find those pounds shedding if you keep it up!

Riding is good for the mind

Being outdoors can really do the world of good, and exercise not only benefits your body but your mind too. Psychological benefits include:

  • Reduced levels of stress hormones
  • Better sleep
  • It releases happy hormones (endorphins)

You’ll experience an increased heart rate

The harder you push yourself, or the faster you ride your heart rate will continue to increase. The more your body gets used to this, you’ll be able to endure longer rides. The benefits of increased heart rate include:

  • Improved stamina 
  • Your body will recover faster 
  • Burn calories quicker 
  • You will thrive later in life (if you keep the exercise up) 

Your strength will improve

You will be using a huge amount of strength to tackle those tricky corners and navigate rocky terrains regardless of if you are on a moto bike or MTB. Your leg muscles will definitely feel the burn as your quadriceps and hamstrings get pushed to their limit. Your arms will also get stronger as you have to lift the handlebars over jumps.

In fact, every muscle in your body is targeted when you’re riding!

It’s good for your posture and balance

As your body braces for the jumps, you will need to have impeccable balance and ensure your posture is as good as it can be to avoid injury.

Issues with high blood pressure? Riding will sort that right out

Whilst you don’t want to go the opposite way and have extremely low blood pressure, having high blood pressure can be very dangerous and lead to issues such as heart attacks, strokes or other complications.

By doing regular aerobic exercise, you can reduce your blood pressure over time.

A better attitude to life in general

We’re pretty happy people (most of the time) and it’s probably because we have a ‘can do’ attitude and don’t like to give up until we’ve achieved what we set out to do. This carries through to a lot of things in life and just makes for a better attitude.

Use Endurotyres for your tyres & accessories

So next time someone says the bike does all the hard work… you can tell them where to go! If this article has given you the kick up the ass that you need, there’s no time like the present, with MTB and moto trails all across the country you can get out right away.

Whether riding is more for pleasure or you do it as a competitive sport, the more you ride the better you (and your health) will get, allowing you to push yourself and learn new tricks.

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