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Off road Motorcycle oil – which to choose

Rock Oil and Motorex

Choosing the best oil for your bike

Rock Oil or Motorex? Off road motorcycle oil

When it comes to oil and lubricants for your off road motorcycle, there is a huge amount of choice. Two of our favourite brands are Rock Oil and Motorex, both producing some top quality oils and lubes.

Whilst Motorex is recognised as a high-end manufacturer and first fill on the production line of KTM and Husqvarna Motorcycles, founded in the UK in 1928, Rock Oil has a long history of manufacturing lubricants and fuels for a wide range of markets. This means that they carry out extensive research and testing on every single product that they supply.

Rock Oil has gained widespread recognition in the off road motorcycle riding world since the early 1980’s as a more than suitable alternative option. This increase in popularity is down to a number of high profile race teams and riders who choose Rock Oil products for their bikes.

The importance of good quality oils and lubricants

We can’t stress enough the importance of using good quality lubes and oils on your bike. They ultimately look after your engine, clutch, gearbox, suspension, airfilter and other components of the bike, making sure they are all performing to their optimum. If you choose the cheapest out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be saving money, as you could endure costly issues caused by the less well-manufactured oils.

Just like you regularly update your phone or computer software, you should change the oil in your bike every now and then. Whilst this is common practice for most dutiful riders, you’d kick yourself if something went wrong because you’d neglected to change your oil for a while.

We recognise a good off roading product when we see one, Rock Oil lubricants and oils definitely fit the bill! The great thing about Rock Oil is that you receive a premium product but don’t necessarily pay a premium price, their range is fantastic value for money.

Another benefit of choosing Rock Oil is that you will be using a product that has proven success on the world stage, being chosen by a number of teams and riders for both Enduro and other off roading disciplines.

Oils and lubricants at

Rock Oil and Motorex are definitely a top of the range when it comes to lubricants, and we use these products on our own team race bikes and stock the full range for customers to purchase in store.

If you have any questions about which products you should be using on your bike, or would like to find out more about race bike oil products we supply, please contact us on 01723 344782.

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