Your Guide To Off Road Tyres That Are Road Legal |

Your guide to off road tyres that are still road legal

When we think of 100% road legal, off road tyres, there are a few that spring to mind, in particular the Michelin AC10’s and Pirelli tyres.

In this blog, we outline why we think these are a good choice and what to look for when purchasing legal, off road tyres.

What will you want from a road legal tyre?

If you want tyres that are suitable for both terrains you will want to make sure they’ve got a deep tread depth, this will help with the hookup, but still allow you to ride well on roads.

Michelin AC10’s

A firm favourite for those riders that are predominantly doing off road trail riding but require some road bike capabilities too; they are hard wearing, affordable, with great longevity and seem to pass the test of time.

The on and off road tyres come in a range of sizes to suit the rider’s bike, including 100/100 for 125cc, 110/100 for 250cc and 120/90 for 250cc+.

When should you NOT use the AC10’s? These are not legal for Enduro competitions, and although have some of the same characteristics, they will not be suitable for extreme Enduro riding.


This traditional trial tyre is a harder compound than most Competition specific trial tyres, and works very well on the rear of Enduro/Trail bikes and particularly on rock, whilst also having the benefit of being road legal.

Purchase your Pirelli tyres today! You can buy your Pirelli off road tyres online. We offer 2 types of tyres from Pirelli, the MT43 Front and MT43 Rear.

Anakee Wild

Endurotyres stock many of the Michelin Anakee Wild range which are designed for dual purpose on and off-road riding.

Ideally suited for big trail bikes, the Anakee Wild tyres perform well on sustained road usage, as well as on stony and muddy tracks. They are versatile and adaptable to varied climates, which means the Anakee tyres allow you to easily and comfortably go from tarmac to off-road.

“This is not a racers tyre, but it is perfect for riders who are seeking adventure either solo or with a passenger!”

Take a look at the range here.

Maxxis Trial

The Maxxis Trial Maxx tyres are good on and off road tyres for dual purpose green-laners and LDT riders. This is due to the wide tread spacing, making it clear mud much better. For this reason, they are not suitable for trials competitions in the UK.

Endurotyres are currently offering the Maxxis tyres at a reduced cost of £72.99 (rather than £87.95). You can purchase them here.

Need more off road tyre advice?

The team at Endurotyres are fully clued up on all makes of tyres, in particular the Michelin ranges, so if you have any questions, pop us a call on 01980 65-55-55 or get in touch with our team

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