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Our new website is making it easier for you to purchase your Michelin MTB tyres, motocross tyres and dirtbike tyres

A bit of background…

Enduro Tyres as a brand has been trading since 2011, with the assurance it’s backed up by our sister company Rangers Garage that can trace its roots back 120 years! However, we only made the decision to start selling online in 2017 (don’t worry, you can thank us later!). We feel we’ve grown our customer base through providing top-notch service, with some ace products and dedication to equipping riders across the UK with useful advice from actual riders, not just a call centre of ‘sales people’ that rarely know what they are even selling.

As riders ourselves, we know exactly what you need, as we need it too. We understand that when you say you want tyres, the likelihood is that you need them asap, so why wait? We deliver next day as standard – so as long as you order Monday – Friday before 1pm, 99% of the time, they are guaranteed.

We’ve never wanted to bombard you with thousands of products from hundreds of brands for the sake of it. Instead, we have a select few brands that we know well and trust to deliver on performance and reliability. This approach has led us to be one of the UK’s leading Michelin suppliers of off road products. Tyres have always been at the forefront, but over the years, certain accessories have blown our minds, which led to brands such as Rabaconda, Motion Pro and CushCore being introduced.

It was time for a refresh…

There was no single catalyst for changing our branding and the website, however, with more products being added, and the launch of Michelin MTB tyres earlier this year, we felt our customers would benefit from a more streamlined site, allowing better navigation and clearer information.

Some of the new features include:  

  • A brands section – we are proud of the brands we stock, and want you to come away with the best results at every comp – so if we can give you some more insight into what we use on and off the track, we can almost guarantee you’ll see results. We’ve featured brands such as Michelin, Rabaconda, Liqui Moly, Motion Pro and a couple more of our favourites so you can see why we choose to stock them and the products that are available. Simply click on the ‘Brands’ menu at the top and click through the logos. As we discover new products, you can expect this section to regularly be updated.
  • Easier & quicker navigation – it was getting to the point that our old menu layout was even confusing to us sometimes! So, we’ve stripped it back and split it into moto and cycle, so you can find what you need quicker.
  • More advice where you need itdon’t worry, we’re still only a phone call away if you want to speak to us directly, but we’ve also been working hard to improve technical information for products as well. Don’t forget to take a look at our news section as we often update this with reviews of products and the latest releases.

We’re getting bigger and better…

Additionally, our new site will highlight any new products we’ve added in a much clearer way, so keep an eye on the homepage for these.

With Michelin regularly introducing new ranges, if we choose to stock them you can be sure to find them quickly on the site.

What do you think?

Our website and everything we do, from product releases, news posts and social media updates, has you and your needs in mind, so we want to hear from you! Let us know what you want to see by getting in touch via our Instagram page or Facebook. Plus, don’t forget, we love seeing your results, so whether you’ve dealt with a proper mudder or picked up your 1st trophy at a local event, we want to know about it! Keep tagging us in your photos with @endurotyresmoto_mtb on Instagram!