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Our recommended accessories for Michelin off road tyres

When it comes to purchasing your Michelin off road tyres, you will also want to know that you’ve got the best accessories to suit your riding style and requirements. In this blog, we outline our recommended accessories for Michelin off road tyres.


rabaconda 2018This has been a firm favourite amongst Enduro riders and we don’t go to any races or trials without this piece of equipment.

The Rabaconda has revolutionised the way we change our off road tyres and is a total game changer in terms of both speed and ease. It’s also compact, so can be taken with you to any races and is easy to assemble and dismantle.

As Enduro riders ourselves, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Rabaconda to anyone, regardless of if you are a beginner or not. Find out more, or purchase here.

Service kit

Service kitIf you’re already equipped with your Rabaconda, you will want to ensure you have everything to go with it, this is when service kits come in handy. Your service kit will include:

  • X5 Michelin Copy Levers (as recommended for use with our Rabaconda Mousse changing machine).
  • X2   Michelin Bib Mousse gel/lube, enough to re lube two Bib Mousse.
  • X2  Stainless steel bolt in valves, to re-seat a mousse on rim.
  • X1  Michelin Bib-up aerosol bead spray (tyre soap), to help fit and re-seat the above.

You can purchase this here.

Rim locks

Michelin off road tyre Rim lockQuite simply, a rim lock will stop your off road tyres from spinning off the rim, so is an essential accessory if you are doing a lot of downhill or off road riding. Enduro Tyres stock 2 different Rim locks; the KTM Pattern and Motion Pro Light. Both fairly similar in design, but our firm favourite is the Motion Pro, it offers unique wedge lock teeth to provide added bite for exceptional tyre locking power.

Rim protectors

Off road tyre rim protectorThey do what they say on the tin, the Motion Pro Rim Protectors are designed to protect your rims, especially when you are changing your tyres or when fitting a new mousse, keep these handy to keep them looking like new. You can buy yours here today!

 Need some off road tyre advice?

Enduro Tyres are the UK’s number one supplier for all things Michelin off road tyres and accessories, our team of Enduro riders are regularly competing and testing out the latest products. So if you are looking for any advice or further information on any of the products we offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01980 65-55-55 or via email here.