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Our thoughts and top tips on UK mountain bike trails

With the Endurotyres HQ being based in Salisbury in South West England, we’ve got our fair share of highly-rated mountain bike trails just a stone’s throw away. But in between comps, we’re definitely not shy of taking a trip slightly more up north (pretty much everywhere is north for us) to test out some of the best UK mountain bike trails. 

In this article, we share some of our favourite trails, how to pick the best grade for you and what mountain bike gear we’d recommend you take with you, from Michelin MTB tyres to repair kits, we’ve got the answers! 

South Wales

Afan Forest is up there with one of our favourites and is also home to the BEMBA comp that took place earlier this year, with many of our supported riders smashing the podiums in various different rounds.

With two of the most insane and demanding descents in the UK, you’re bound to come across some pretty sketchy conditions, from the steep and rocky to the slippery. Afan Forest really has pulled it out the bag. 

South West England

We couldn’t write about our favourite mountain bike trails without talking about one close to us. Ok, so it’s not quite Wales, but Puddletown Woods offers some serious man-made trails, which are particularly fun for those of you that want crazy jumps and tricky downhill sections. 

South East England

We’ve visited Penshurst Bike Park a few times this year for the Pedalhounds competition and haven’t been disappointed.  

Great for both downhill and dirt jumps, Penshurst has plenty of trails to get stuck into. 

A mini-guide to which grade to choose

Generally, most mountain bike trails will follow a similar system to grade their trails. This is as follows and should help you to decide which route to take.


Suitable for beginner cyclists, we consider a green grade trail pretty easy and is usually far more family-friendly with little or no incline. You wouldn’t need a specific mountain bike for this style of trail.  


A blue grade route is suitable for people with a little bit of cycling experience that are looking for a 6-12 mile ride, nothing too strenuous but with some inclines. 


Now we get onto the fun routes, red grade routes are generally classified as ‘difficult’ and for some riders will be challenging, with more complicated descents and some technical sections. The maximum climb is generally around 500 metres and you will definitely need to invest in some proper mountain bike gear to tackle these trails. 


Black routes are definitely not for those with little mountain bike experience, you will be faced with many obstacles that will test your technical ability, paired with steep descents and long climbs. These ‘severe’ graded routes will certainly test your limits!

Now, onto your gear…


Definitely one of the most vital elements (apart from the bike) to get right when you are taking on red and black graded routes are your off road mountain bike tyres. 

You need to purchase a MTB tyre that will cope with the difficult terrain you’ll face, and be robust enough to not puncture at the first sight of a rocky path. 

For beginner mountain bike riders that want an affordable tyre, we would recommend the Michelin Force XC, priced at under £40. This tyre uses unbeatable Michelin Gum-X technology and has a ‘Cross-shield’ casing for extra strength and durability. 

For riders that are wanting to take it a bit more seriously, we would recommend purchasing the Michelin Wild Enduro, a popular choice for many pro riders. With maximum grip and available in various sizes, the Michelin Wild Enduro is suitable for all terrains, including hard, soft, mud and sand. 


So you’ve chosen your tyres, but now you want to give them the best possible chance of getting through a black route. Let’s talk accessories. 

Whenever you take on any route, whatever grade it is, you need to make sure you have a repair kit handy. You can find our recommended repair kit here

We always keep the Dynaplug Racer in our backpack!  It’s a small tool used to fix punctures without having to remove the tyre – great for on-the-go quick fixes. 

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