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Our top selling Michelin motorcycle tyres: Reviews from the pros

Depending on your riding style, whether you are competing, and how often you get out on the track, choosing the right Michelin motorcycle tyres can be a bit of a

Reviews of our Michelin motorcycle tyres

Depending on your riding style, whether you are competing, and how often you get out on the track, choosing the right Michelin motorcycle tyres can be a bit of a minefield. With quite a few options to choose from, sometimes your best bet is to hear what other riders use and what they think of some of the most popular Michelin ranges.

In this article, we’ve caught up with some of our pros and supported riders to get the down low on what they use and why.

Neil Hawker

Frequency and style of riding: “I’d like to say I’m a bit of a multi-discipline rider and not really specialising in anything fully but my main goal whilst riding with Michelin tyres on my bikes has been to compete at the Dakar Rally.”

Recommended tyre range: “I ride trials to keep my bike skills in the best form and competed in the Scottish six-day trial last year using 2 rear and 2 fronts. In Scotland, you need grip, reliability and when the worst does happen (i.e. a big hit at low psi) a tyre needs to be able to stay on the bead and seal because they are tubeless.

I ride Enduro at a bottom end expert level and choose to run the new Michelin medium 140 18.

The majority of events are wet grassy tests on one extreme, to dry hard pack or sand, and for an overall package, it works well on all terrain.

For rally training and international rallies such as the Serres Rally in Greece, I ran the Michelin Starcross harder compound to withstand the heat and the fact that they last longer for long days like a 500km day of mixed hard rocky terrain.

I choose to use Enduro, Trials and Michelin motocross tyres from Endurotyres.com because of their reliability and the complete package from the ordering of the tyres to the fitting, grip, and price.”

Lewis Ranger

Frequency and style of riding: As a kid, Lewis raced BMX at a national level, and then got into motorcycle trials from there which gave him the perfect grounding for Enduro riding.

“I now compete almost every weekend in both local events and the ACU Michelin British Enduro Championship. I still have an old 4RT trials bike and compete in the odd local trial whenever they fit in.”

Competition level: Reigning Clubman British Enduro Champion now racing his first season in the Expert class.

Recommended tyre range: Michelin Medium 90/90/21 (with M15 mousse) up front and a Michelin Medium 140/80/18 (with M14 mousse) out back.

“I’m so confident with this set up that I run it at every event no matter the conditions or terrain!”

For his trials bike, Lewis uses the Michelin Comp X11 as these work brilliantly in the mud and last forever!

James Pinder

Style of riding: Classic Enduro

Competition level: James recently nabbed an O40b win at Witley Classic on the Michelin Mediums in February and has many more comps lined up for 2019, such as Hare & Hound and Timecard.

Recommended tyre range: Michelin Mediums and Michelin Trackers.

“These 2 ranges are a great combo… The Michelin Trackers are ideal for training and then I generally move to Michelin Mediums when I am racing. The similarities between them work perfectly together, with the Michelin Mediums giving that bit extra when I need to perform at my best.”

You can watch a recent review video that James filmed on our Michelin Tracker page here.

Stan Watt

Stan Watt from Rotor Adventures has had a long-lasting relationship with using Michelin motorcycle tyres from Enduro Tyres, from his road racing days at Yamaha & Suzuki, through to multiple Dakar Rallies, Cross Country World Championships & British Enduros with KTM and now back with Yamaha with their full 2019 Michelin Enduro range.

The new Michelin tyre range offers a tyre solution for all the activities Rotor Adventures encounter. The road legal AC10 & all-new Tracker are ideal for our trail riding tours in the United Kingdom & our long-distance enduro tours in Southern Europe, ranging from 650 -1,100 miles. Excellent grip and durability give the rider confidence and provides good tyre life and grip over long distance.

The Michelin Enduro range is class leading with continuous grip, even when well worn. The new range of Michelin Medium Enduro tyres is the preferred option for Stan’s Yamaha YZ250X, and work exceptionally well on the training schools WR450Fs and WR250Fs.

The range of sizes and compounds are second to none whilst covering every eventuality.  

Still unsure what to choose?

If you’re still unsure which Michelin motorcycle tyres are the best choice for you, then get in touch with our team by calling us on 01723 344782 or visit the website for FAQs and information on each of the tyre ranges.

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