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Paulo Goncalves' Dakar Up In Flames

Paulo Goncalves' Dakar Up In Flames

This is the moment Paulo Goncalves 2014 Dakar Rally went up in flames. On Stage five as the early morning ride took riders through the dry scrubs some got caught up between Paulo Gonçalves’ engine and exhaust setting the area on fire. It then spread fast. 

The flames engulfed the bike of the FIM Cross-Country World Champion, who although escaping unhurt, was devastated to be forced out of the competition.


“After having lost my chances to fight for a top position following the problems during the marathon stage, I tried my best today to support Joan Barreda,” told Goncalves.

“I had a good pace, leading the race halfway through the stage. In the boiling temperatures I suddenly felt my feet getting hot, and I saw that my bike was burning. I jumped off and tried to extinguish the fire with sand, but I could not fight it, the bike burnt down completely. I am extremely disappointed.”