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PETO ÁDÁM – 1994-2014

PETO ÁDÁM – 1994-2014

On Friday December 5th 2014 Peto Ádám passed away following a long and hard fought battle with leukaemia.

For many people reading this, the name Peto Ádám won’t be known but for us at he meant a great deal – probably more than he actually realised.

Peto was one of Hungary’s up and coming riders. He had a great talent on an enduro bike, represented his country in the ISDE, presented himself professionally and showed a wealth of love for his sport.

Accidently, Peto also became one of’s first contributors. We were just starting out at the time and wanted to reach out to different countries. But knowing where to look wasn’t easy. By chance he was one of the first people to send us content.

On a regular basis he emailed us photos, videos and information about enduro in Hungary. Often it was about the event itself and not just photos of him. As we came to learn, that was the type of guy Peto was – he just wanted to see enduro in Hungary shown to as many places around the world as possible.

Over time we kept in contact through Facebook. A running joke centred on his name. He emailed us as Ádám Peto but messaged on Facebook as Peto Ádám. Eventually we had to ask which one it was. He laughed in his response and said both. In Hungary he was Peto Ádám but abroad he was Ádám Peto. He didn’t mind which one we used.

Then in September 2013 he messaged to say he wouldn’t make it to the ISDE in Sardinia. He’d just been diagnosed with leukaemia and would have to interrupt his racing for the rest of the year. But within four months he hoped to be back to ‘200 per cent’ again.

Peto was just 19 years old at the time – cancer is just not something you associate with a young, fit and healthy guy of his age – and like him we felt he could beat it too. But it wasn’t meant to be and on Friday December 5 2014 his fight ended.

Although gone too soon, his memory will live on. In his short time he made an impact on so many people – he’ll not be forgotten.

From the bottom of our hearts at we send our sincere condolences to his family and friends during this extremely difficult time.

Thanks Peto.

Robert & Jonty