Our most popular Michelin motorcycle tyres and accessories of 2018

Our most popular Michelin motorcycle tyres and accessories of 2018 (so far)

With the release of a handful of Michelin motorcycle tyres and motocross accessories so far this year, we’ve taken a look at what our customers are finding the most popular.  

Enduro Medium Front 90/90-21

Enduro medium front 90_90_21

Since the release of the new Enduro Medium Michelin motorcycle tyres at the end of 2017, this one has definitely been a popular choice.  We have also seen a further increase in sales since the old Enduro Comp tyres have been discontinued from our website.

Why so popular? The Enduro Medium Michelin motorcycle tyres are versatile with precise and sharp handling.The tyres work well in rutted conditions due to their weight and are extremely responsive; we have had reports that the tyre wear has improved over the previous versions which are also a bonus for the rider, that’s just a few of the benefits anyway, we could go on for a while! That’s just a few of the benefits anyway, we could go on for a while!

Cost: £50.81 or available in various combo deals with the suitable Bib Mousse and other accessories.

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New Larger M14 Bib Mousse

M14 Bib Mousse

Michelin has introduced a new M14 Mousse to replace the current M14 Mousse and we’re not surprised that these have been flying off the shelves since the release on the 12th March. This new larger Bib Mousse only fits the Enduro rear 140 Medium tyre and requires no run-in period, it fits like a glove and is the first dedicated tyre /mousse combo for ultimate performance. You can find out more about the changes and improvements in our dedicated blog post or via the FAQ’s here.

Why so popular? The new Bib Mousse has seen many more improvements over the old M14 and will make riders performance much better. It’s specifically designed for one tyre in mind and is, therefore, longer lasting, which in turn has made this Bib Mousse larger.

Cost: £110.74 or you can purchase as part of a tyre combo deal!

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Michelin Starcross 5 MX/XC tyres

This has been a firm favourite for a while now and certainly hasn’t slowed down in 2018. These Michelin motorcycle tyres come in various sizes including; soft, medium, hard, sand and junior, however, the front mediums seem to be the most popular.

Why so popular? Each of the Michelin Starcross tyres is designed to give high performance, making them a perfect choice for all conditions, and the variety of options means you can pick the tyre that suits your riding style. These tyres are also suitable for use with the Michelin Bib Mousse, which is a more popular option over the normal inner tubes.

Cost: these tyres range from £45 – £60

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Michelin Genuine Tyre Levers

Michelin Tyre Lever

It’s one of those things you shouldn’t leave at home whenever you are riding. Yes, you can purchase the non-genuine ones, but we have seen a real spike in customers buying these instead of the cheaper alternatives.

Why so popular? You know that by purchasing the genuine version the quality is going to be much better. Although the non-genuine can do the job, we have had many reports of them bending, and therefore these are much more value for money in the long run.

Cost: £28 per lever

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