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Powerband team race report: Round 5 RedBull Pro Nationals

The team arrived on Friday afternoon to an amazingly prepared Circuit, with a few changes to some sections of the track everyone was excited to get racing underway.
First up on Saturday morning was 65cc qualifying and Frankie Cutmore put in his best qualifying placing so far this series placing 15th in qualification and his overall result was a 14th. All weekend long Frankie made great starts and hopefully he can run the pace for a little longer at the next rounds and keep improving on his results.
In the small wheel 85cc class young Christopher Mills seemed to be in good form and qualified in 4th position with all top 4 riders on the same second! It was that tight. Here is what he had to say about his weekend..
" I had a good weekend at my home track at Canada heights I had some consistent results, which gave me a 6, 5, 4, 6, 6 in the motos to put me at 4th overall, and still 6th in the championship
Next round I will be training hard leading up to the event and hoping to finish top 3 to get top 5 in the championship"
The big wheel 85cc class provided the team with mixed results And George’s weekend proved to be a frustrating affair for the 12 year old.
"I had an ok weekend at the Redbull  pro nationals at Canada Heights. I qualified 12th after a silly crash . Race 1 I had a bad start and pulled through to 8th. In moto 2 I finished 15th from a bad start and rode with no aggression. Moto 3 I finished 25th because I crashed on the first lap and lost my back brake then I did the step up and someone had crashed and I landed on their  bike and went over the bars. I went to bed Saturday knowing Sunday would be better!! I woke up in a better frame of mind. Moto 4 I finished 9th from a better start and Moto 5 I finished 11th from another better start that gave me 13th overall and I’m still 7th in the championship. Bring on the sand at hawkeston park!! Big thanks to powerband racing, lta training academy, SJR Racing, Jim Aim KTM and everyone for their support and I will be looking to bring in a podium finish before the season is finished."
George’s team mate Jordan Eccles had an all together different weekend and is carrying on his overall win streak and for the 3rd Redbull round running he proved unstoppable on the Sunday! We was trying some new things on the weekend and it effected Jordan’s starts which meant he had to work really hard on the Saturday but it all came good and he had this to say.
"I woke up feeling good for racing!! I went out in Qualifying and put the 4th fastest lap in and was off pace after a crash trying something in one of the new sections, I went back to the pits and discussed with trainer where I could make up time and put it to use.
1st race I had a terrible start nearly dead last and slowly made my way through the pack into second place chasing the leader but run out of time.
2nd race went the same bad start and had a little crash in the first lap so I had to make my way through the pack to get back to a strong second setting the fastest lap of the moto.
3rd moto and final moto of the Saturday was awesome!! I got a terrible start and was around 27th around the first turn and found my way through slowly but I knew I had the pace to catch Mitchell Lewis up after setting a lap  time 2 seconds faster than the leader, gutted that I run out of time!!
Sunday was a new day!! Should call it the Sunday luck!! I knew I had the speed to win, I got off to another bad start but I knew I had to make my way through the pack quickly I was in 2nd on the first lap and was charging for Mitchell Lewis I sat behind him and he crashed out after running into a back marker, I went on to win the race by 21 seconds
Final race was a long wait, it was so warm and the track was so knarly!! I was in a three way battle for the lead with Jay Hague and Mitchell lewis, after a mistake for Mitchell Lewis I made a charge at Jay Hague and went on to win the moto, I was so happy to take the overall everything seems to be fitting in perfectly and I have now moved into second place in the championship with 2 rounds to go at my favourite tracks!"
The teams next stop will be at the LTA training ground to put some hard work in before heading to the next round of the GT Cup 17th August.