PRODUCT – FOX INSTINCT 2015 - Enduro Tyres



If your footwear is in need of an update then check out Instinct – Fox’s flagship boot for 2015…

In a sport like enduro, your feet and lower legs take one serious pounding. When you’re spending a full day in the saddle you want a boot that offers both comfort and safety.

Pitched at the top end of the market the Instinct are pricey but speaking from past experience we highly recommend not skimping on flimsy footwear.

Check out our take on the Fox Instinct 2015 in the current issue of Enduro illustrated…


  • Hinge Lockout: Stops motion before hyper extension.
  • Duratac: Exclusive Fox rubber compound provides unprecedented grip and durability on the sole.
  • Interface: A slim medial design keeps you close to the bike with the Duratac burn guard giving grip.
  • Low Ride Chassis: Gets the riders foot lower to the ground and closer to the foot peg.
  • Instinct Buckle: Flawless operation every time.
  • Slim Toe Box: A slim toe box design for easy shifting and a slimmer overall profile.
  • Sizes based on US boot sizing

Available in white, black and red but limited edition colours are available too.