FunnelWeb Filters’ funky but seriously functional foam filters can make your engine breather better.

With 30 years experience in foam filtration – yes, that’s a thing – FunnelWeb Filters have radically changed the standard foam filter’s basic design.

So what makes the FunnelWeb Filter different…

The Foam

The FunnelWeb’s profile cut foam effectively doubles the filters external surface area, without increasing the filters original size, enabling it to trap and hold far more dust on the outer surface meaning more protection to the engine while maintaining optimal air flow and extending filter service intervals.

The single layer, single density polyurethane foam has the added advantage of ease of cleaning and the ability to maintain its original shape after numerous cleans. As any dirt is spread over a much larger surface area, airflow restriction caused by dirt build up is minimised substantially. Overall, compared with conventional foam filters, FunnelWeb offers more protection from dirt ingestion, has longer service intervals and maintains high airflow rates when dirty.

The Filter Seal

Most FunnelWeb Filter seals are constructed from injection moulded urethane for a lasting, precise fit on the filter support frame and the inside of the air box. Foam seals, as fitted to other filter brands, will tend to stretch out of shape after a few cleans resulting in a poor fit to the support frame, possibly affecting the filters sealing ability. Not all filters in the range are suitable for moulded seals and the few that are not feature neoprene / nitrile foam gaskets.

Refined Development Process

FunnelWeb Filter has been developed over more than five years with the assistance of the motocross and enduro Australian KTM Race Teams. Numerous combinations of foam profiles and porosities have been tested in harsh, dusty race conditions and test tracks to come up with the ideal combination. More than 1,500 filters were manufactured, tested and either serviced and reused, or cut open for inspection before any were made available for sale.

Australian Manufacturing

They specialise in the manufacture of selected off-road motorcycle filters. Their range will be expanded in the future to include other models and ATVs. All componentry and packaging are Australian made and the product is assembled in our manufacturing facility in Newcastle NSW.

FunnelWeb Filter is available for all major off-road motorcycles.