Enduro Red Series Mousse Front 90/90 – 21 Soft


Mousses are made from a rubber foam and are designed to be inserted between the rim and the tyre instead of a classic inner tube.

    The most versatile mousse made by TECHNOMOUSSE designed for riders who want performance, reliability and sensitivity in off-road riding.

    Designed for racing, ideal for sports activities that require lower tyre pressures or better grip on particularly slippery terrains. Essential for more demanding riders, but also for those who just want to have fun. The new soft compound provides a Ready to Race mousse right from the first moment of use.

    The RED SERIES/SOFT guarantees effective and reliable control of the motorcycle under adverse weather conditions while at the same time offering top performance in milder temperatures for the entire duration of the race.

    Enduro Soft tyre 0.7-0.8 bar/10-11 psi.


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