Endurotyres Bib Mousse Rear 140/80-18 – Extreme Mousse

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This is a specialist drilled 140/80/18 Endurotyres.com Bib Mousse drilled in the same way that the factory extreme teams choose to use for only the most technical slow speed extreme events.

Checklist before you order:

  • This product will have a very limited life span of only ONE EVENT and will only fit a Michelin medium 140/80-18 Enduro tyre
  • You are definitely not doing any fast fire roads that will cause it to overheat
  • Literally hardcore (SLOW) extreme riding only
  • Remove and re-lube Bib Mousse after each race and inspect
  • Extreme race-use only
  • This is not an official Michelin product
  • No warranty is given or implied due to its modified nature
Read FAQs below to understand if this is the Bib Mousse for you.

    The Michelin Medium Enduro tyres with the bespoke fit Michelin BIB mousse are proven winners in World, Euro and British Enduro; indeed EVERY class winner in 2018 British Enduro championship used this tyre and Bib Mousse set up!

    Factory Rockstar Husky team riders Jarvis / Bolt / Gomez / KTM’s Lettenbichler and Sherco’s Wade Young again use the stock  Medium 140/80-18 with M14 mousse in Extreme.    

    The Michelin FIM Medium with its added silica content provides unrivaled grip with softer sidewall but MUST be used with the much larger Michelin M14 mousse specially designed for this tyre as the internal carcass is larger than any other 140 tyre.

    But I need more grip than the standard excellent Medium 140 and M14 set up

    Do you really?  Most BEC events are hardly a walk in the park… Brass Monkey, Hafren, Rhayader, Graithwaite, Natterjack etc. even the Welsh two day, literally 80% of the field are using Michelin Mediums and Bib Mousse and aren’t complaining of grip!

    My mate says just fit a 120 Bib Mousse in 140 Michelin Medium to make it softer

    That was the case with the previous tyres years ago, but with the larger internal carcass of the 140 Michelin Medium, you need the new M14 mousse to make sure the tyre fits perfectly or it will not come out on the bead.

    My mate says use tubeless system to run less pressure to get more grip

    Show us one pro rider who uses the tubeless system? Tell your mate to stick to green laning and enjoy wasting time fixing punctures!

    So, you really need a softer Bib Mousse?

    We can take a new M14 and make it feel softer when mounted with a Medium 140 tyre, we drill it in the same way the factory extreme teams choose to use for only the most technical slow speed extreme events.


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