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Michelin Bib Mousse M15 21” Front


Michelin BIB Mousse 21

  • the ultimate flat tyre prevention
  • lasts longer than the competition and very durable
  • recommend using at least double the amount of lubrication as is stated
  • designed especially for Michelin tyres

The M15 Bib Mousse fits the 90/90/21 Enduro medium and 80/100/21 Starcross MX tyres.

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Endurotyres ‘Tech tip’ for Michelin BIB Mousse 21, M15 Front –

  • The benchmark Michelin Bib Mousse works well in all situations. Great on Michelin Mediums / S12 / AC10 etc.

Here at Endurotyres we pride ourselves on having the largest physical stock of Michelin Bib Mousse. In the UK riders and the trade know that if we don’t have stock, no one will!

Bib Mousse has a use by date and is critical that it’s stored within specific temperatures, our climate controlled warehouse and very high product turn over ensures you Bib Mousse is delivered to you in perfect condition, something to consider if you’re offered a cut price Mousse that’s been sat around.

The M15 Bib Mousse fits the 90/90/21 Enduro medium and 80/100/21 Starcross MX tyres.

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Pro Zone

Do you still need convincing that a mousse will get your home from that trail ride or after winning a race? Then take a look at Dakar Rally 2021 star Toby Price finishing a two day 900km stage on a 200kg Rallye bike at speeds of 90mph, with a huge gash in the sidewalk of his Michelin Desert rear tyre, and the M02 Rear Desert Mousse holding up remarkably!