Michelin Tracker, Rear, 140/80-18


The Michelin off-road Tracker tyre is a perfect road legal tyre. Benefits include:
  • Hard wearing
  • Cost-effective
  • High performance
  • Extremely versatile
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    Looking for an off road tyre that is still road legal? The Michelin Tracker tyre may be your answer.

    Suitable for:

    • Green laning
    • Enduro events
    • MX
    • Trail riding

    Are you sure this size is for you?

    Don’t forget the Michelin Tracker is a road-legal MX knobbly tyre, and confusingly MX tyres are sized differently than a conventional 140 Enduro tyre. The width of a MX tyre is measured at the level base of the tread blocks, while for Enduro tyres it's measured by the overall dimension, at the widest point which is the top of the tread blocks. Got that? Yes, we had to read it a few times too…

    View the front tyres.

    Needing a Bib Mousse to go with your tyre?

    There is not a suitable Bib Mousse for the 100/100 - 18 59R TT
    The 110/100 - 18 64R TT needs the M18 Bib Mousse
    The 120/90 - 18 65R TT needs the M18 Bib Mousse
    The 140/80 - 18 70R TT needs the M18 Bib Mousse
    The 100/90 - 19 57R TT needs the M22 Bib Mousse
    The 110/90 - 19 62R TT needs the M199 Bib Mousse
    The 120/80 - 19 63R TT needs the M199 Bib Mousse


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