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Michelin Trial Comp Tyres – Rear


This Michelin Trial Comp tyres combines sturdiness, flexibility, and grip. A sure thing for “pros” and amateurs alike.

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Product Information

Regarded as the best Trial tyres full stop, as fitted OE by most manufacturers.

Thanks to its lighter weight, the Michelin Trial Comp tyres facilitate your progress along the track. Your motorcycle literally flies over obstacles as you gain in effectiveness and your performance improves.

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Pro Zone

Alan Rangers, MD of Endurotyres.com says:

“As the name suggests, the X-Light tyre is the lightest option and works well on small bikes with Pro or lighter weight riders. We have found in winter conditions the Trial X11 gives better traction in mud and has a thicker sidewall, so may provide better (tubeless) puncture resistance. Don’t forget to run the ‘21 Trial’ (the trial-specific Inner tube) lightweight and inexpensive. If you require a Trials tyre for an Enduro event, please call 01980 655555 for advice.”