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Michelin Medium & Bib Mousse Combo Deals


Michelin tyre and Bib Mousse combo deals are the best way to get everything you need in one single delivery. As riders ourselves, we know what you need, so we’ve carefully picked 7 combo deals to suit your needs in varying budgets.

Save money on your tyres and Bib Mousse with our Michelin combo deals, each one includes the popular Michelin Enduro Medium, which benefits from being:

  • Used by virtually every pro rider worldwide regardless of bike manufacturer
  • Exceptional wet grip thanks to secret rubber compound’s high in Silica
  • Lightweight and strong for traditional and Extreme Enduro
  • Very responsive
  • Tyre exceeds competitor’s tyre performance even when worn
  • OE fitment for Husqvarna/GasGas/Sherco/Beta

Buy online today from the UK’s number 1 choice for Michelin off road tyres and accessories.


Our carefully curated Michelin combo deals are:

  • Combo Deal 1 – 90/90/21 and 140/80/18 Medium, with M15 and new larger M14 mousse with FREE bolt in valves!
  • Combo Deal 2 – 140/80/18 and new larger M14 rear Bib Mousse combo deal.
  • Combo Deal 3 – No longer available 
  • Combo Deal 4 – 90/100/21 and 140/80/18 Michelin Enduro Mediums with M16 and new larger M14 Bib Mousse with FREE bolt in valves.
  • Combo Deal 5 – Buddy bulk buy – 2 x Michelin Medium Enduro 140/80-18 and 2 x Michelin Medium Enduro 90/90-21
  • Combo Deal 6 – Buddy bulk buy – 2 x Michelin Medium Enduro 140/80-18 and 2 x Michelin Medium Enduro 90/100-21
  • Combo Deal 7 – Michelin Enduro Medium 120/90/18 with M18 Bib Mousse and 90/100/21 Enduro Medium with M16 Bib Mousse and FREE bolt in valves.
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