PLEWS Tyres EN1 Extreme The Tough One Rear 15mm Tread – 140/80 – 18

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Plews Tyres EN1 EXTREME THE TOUGH ONE Rear – 140 / 80 – 18 with 15mm tread depth. This is a Spec. B tyre for hard Enduro and excels in mud, cambers, grass and deep forestry.

    TRACTION IS EVERYTHING EN1 TOUGH ONE Ultimate Extreme Enduro “Super Soft” tyre. The tough one is a Spec. B, Super Soft Extreme Enduro Rear tyre that is ideal for hard Enduro. The rear tyre features a super sticky compound with world leading performance. The carcass features a lightweight polyester super flexible construction for super tricky technical races.  Both tread design and tyre construction design have been tailored to fit Extreme Enduro races.


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