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ALL NEW – POD Active K4 Knee Braces


The Pod MX K4 Knee Brace is the ultimate in knee protection. Motocross riders the world over prefer the services of Pod MX Knee Braces. POD is the first choice of many of the top MX, Enduro and Dakar Riders in the world.

FREE- Pod knee brace bag worth £ 29.95 with every purchase of the POD Active K4 Knee Braces- this will be automatically delivered with your purchase. 

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Product Information

NEW POD K4 Knee Braces

  • The POD K4 Knee brace makes professional knee protection accessible to every rider.
  • POD® knee braces are registered medical devices proven to help reduce knee injuries in action sports.
  • The POD K4 is made of lightweight Carbon Polymer construction, weighing in at just 620grams.
  • The K4 is the perfect blend of performance, function and affordability
  • Many of the world’s leading athletes trust POD to reinforce their knees without compromising performance while thousands of recreational athletes rely on POD to stay active.
  • POD is the first choice of Dakar Champion Marc Coma, 5 x Enduro-X champ Taddy Blazusiak, GP MX1 Rider Tommy Searle, Erzberg champ Jonny Walker, MX legend Andrew Short and many others<li>Engineered from advanced materials, the low profile functional frames combine with patented Synthetic Ligaments™ and four interior mounted straps to provide secure human motion.
  • This lightweight exoskeleton creates an alternate load path to the knee, supporting unstable ligaments and transferring forces away from the knee joint to other more robust parts of the leg.
  • POD’s simple modular design ensures easy adaption for multi sport use and convenient user refurbishment options.

Pro Zone

Benefits of POD K4 Knee Braces

  • Impact modified frames transfer the weight away from the knee joint, without compromising feel for the bike
  • Human motion hinge to reduce the strain on your ligaments
  • Improved protection against handlebar strikes, impacts and increased comfort when kneeling
  • Adaptive cuffs adapt to your muscle movements
  • Medical compliance to prevent leg injuries
  • Luxury interior enhances comfort and reduces odours
  • Low profile interior straps brace you leg easier

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