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Here at we have over 300 Michelin moto and Mountain bike tyres and accessories IN STOCK and ready to purchase from our Michelin Off Road tyre bay! 

Browse our FULL RANGE of Michelin Mountain bike tyres, Michelin Moto tyres and accessories below – If we don’t have it in stock than no other retailer will either! If you are confused by the list below or, need a second opinion what size tyre works on a particular event then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01723 344782 or email

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  • Michelin Enduro Medium - Rear

    Michelin Enduro Medium – Rear

    £88.94£92.17 View Product
  • Michelin Enduro Medium - Front

    Michelin Enduro Medium – Front

    £70.31£80.99 View Product
  • Bib mousse Gel - single

    Bib Mousse Gel – Single

    £5.74 View Product
  • Michelin Tracker - Rear

    Michelin Tracker – Rear

    £59.78£71.88 View Product
  • Bolt in valves

    Bolt in stainless valves

    £3.00 View Product
  • Rabaconda Tyre Changer from

    Rabaconda Tyre Changer (Gen 4)

    £369.00£499.41 View Product
  • Michelin Tracker - Front

    Michelin Tracker – Front

    £49.91£50.32 View Product
  • Michelin bib Mousse and Michelin Enduro medium combo deals 1

    Michelin Medium & Bib Mousse Combo Deals

    £218.19£418.40 View Product
  • Michelin Bib Mousse M15 Front

    Michelin Bib Mousse M15 21” Front

    £120.65 View Product
  • Michelin Bib Mousse M14 - Large

    Michelin BIB Mousse Rear – M14 – LARGE

    £131.60 View Product
  • Michelin Bib Mousse M16

    Michelin Bib Mousse M16 Front 21”

    £124.36 View Product
  • Michelin Bib Mousse M18

    Michelin Bib Mousse M18 Enduro Rear 18″

    £131.63 View Product