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Ultimate puncture protection with Michelin Bib Enduro Mousse

Go for mousse!

The importance of Enduro Mousse to protect your off road motorcycle tyres

When you are participating in a major race event, or any off road riding for that matter, you want to be confident that you aren’t going to be interrupted by damage to or puncturing of your off road tyres. Whilst in the past an ultra thick enduro inner tube was your best hope, 25 years of development by Michelin have seen a reliable product (originally only intended for Paris Dakar competitors) become available to the general public.

Enduro mousse, or Bib mousse as Michelin have named it, is a more heavy duty alternative to enduro inner tubes. The mousse is designed to prevent punctures and offer greater protection against any objects halting a rider in his or her tracks.

Enduro mousse Racing

What is an enduro mousse made from?

Enduro mousse, developed by Michelin, is essentially a foam tyre insert that is placed inside your off road motorcycle tyres. They do not need to be filled with air but they do provide an equivalent tyre pressure of 0.9 Bar / approx. 13 PSI.

Note: Enduro mousse is not designed for long periods of road use, continued sustained speed can cause a friction build up and dry out the important layer of Mousse Gel, which can lead to damage of the mousse structure. After road riding, it is best to remove the mousse and re-lube with genuine Michelin Bib Mousse gel.

Will using Enduro mousse change my riding experience?

As mentioned above, you will have 100% protection against punctures with mousse, for a racer this is obviously important. We have seen tyre with chunks ripped out and the Bib Mousse protruding with no effect on performance. Even a trail rider / greelaner will be able to discard heavy tyre levers, spare inner tubes, and pumps from your tool pack whilst out on the trail.

A mousse will have a slightly different feel and they do require a beading in period when brand new, ask any serious Enduro or MX rider and we can almost guarantee they will be using Bib Mousse and it’s very likely they will be Michelin. Once you’ve got use to Bib Mousse, you’ll never look back!

Michelin Bib Mousse are an essential part of off road riding, they will be probably the most important part of your bike. We also recommend that when you are fitting an enduro mousse you use bib mousse gel to ensure there will be no unnecessary friction occurring which could damage the mousse.

Is Enduro mousse from Michelin the best choice?

Whilst other manufacturers have produced numerous variations of Mousse, the replications do not match up to the top quality and tyre fitment of the original Bib Mousse designed and created by Michelin. That’s why it remains the market leader!

It’s no surprise that the world’s best riders use Michelin over other makes, it really is proven to be the best. The success of bib mousse is global. 7 MX World Championships and 26 Dakar Rally-Raid wins further prove the versatility and impressive quality of this enduro mousse.

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