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Rabaconda products you need to know about…

If you’re a serious moto rider, chances are you would have already heard about the brand Rabaconda, but many riders don’t realise they have more than just the tyre changer

If you’re a serious moto rider, chances are you would have already heard about the brand Rabaconda, but many riders don’t realise they have more than just the tyre changer available, all of which we stock online at Endurotyres.com

We wanted to share our thoughts on the other products available from Rabaconda and why you need to get your hands on them! 

Rabaconda tyre changer

They are pretty noticeable with their neon green handles, you’ll find it hard to go to an event and not spot one of these in use at the pits. Gone are the days when tyre changing takes ages and is a real chore; with a little practice, this nifty gadget will have you changing tyres in minutes. The Rabaconda tyre changer has many other benefits, including: 

  • No more painful back ache changing tyres on the floor 
  • No more busted knuckles 
  • No more awkward and difficult bead breaking  

It’s so good that you’ll see pro riders across the world using it, but it’s also easy enough to learn the ropes if you’re a beginner wanting to take the sport seriously. 

Buy the Rabaconda tyre changer!

Price: £289 – £409 (With and without service kits and accessories) 

Rabaconda spindle

To work alongside your Rabaconda tyre changer, the spindle is suitable for modern MX and Enduro bikes and has a diameter of 20mm. This is a replacement part which comes as standard with your tyre changer when purchased online at Endurotyres.com. 

Buy the Rabaconda spindle!

Price: £25.95  

Rabaconda tyre levers set 

These heavy-duty levers are the perfect sidekick to your tyre changer and will help you to get that all-important 2-minute tyre change. 

Why do I need the Rabaconda branded levers? 

By using the 5 levers that come in their handy travel case, you can get the most out of your tyre changing in the fastest possible time. Other brands of levers, in our experience, aren’t as durable and come across as a little flimsy however these really will last you a lifetime.   

You will also find that the other sets you can buy online come in twos or threes, but really five is the best number to have, so really you end up saving yourself money!

Buy the Rabaconda tyre levers! 

Price: £73.95

Rabaconda tyre iron 

Think of it as a crowbar for removing tyres from the wheel rims. 

Another brilliant pairing brought to you by Rabaconda is this tyre iron. Again it’s super heavy duty and has been designed to perfectly sit with the tyre changer. The wide and slim forged spoon end makes for easy insertion and avoids bead damage from occurring. 

Buy the Rabaconda tyre iron here! 

Price: £21.95

Rabaconda mats 

Stylish, hard-wearing, washable and absorbent, these pit mats are a must-have to sit under your tyre changer in the pit or in your workshop. 

The larger one is called an environmental pit mat as it’s compliant with F.I.M. and AMA environmental codes. 

Protect your floor and your tyre changer with a Rabaconda pit mat

Price: £31 – £68.95 

Rabaconda chain breaker 

A little extra to keep in your toolbox, the chain breaker uses heavy-duty metal much like the other Rabaconda adapter to make chain breaking quick and easy. 

Buy the chain breaker here!
Price: £21.95

Coming soon… watch this space!

So why Rabaconda? 

We really wouldn’t recommend any other brand for your tyre changing, as riders ourselves we’ve been using them for years and wouldn’t attempt to use anything else. 

In fact, Endurotyres are THE UKs importer of Rabaconda, so if we don’t have the stock, then no one is likely to. We’ve sold over 4000 of them and continue to grow our Rabaconda fan base! 

Order from Endurotyres.com

With fast next-day delivery*, you can get your hands on the Rabaconda products in no time at all! We stock the full range of products as listed above and hope to have stock of the two coming soon products as soon as they hit the UK.  

We get a lot of inquisitive customers asking us if it’s worth spending £300+ on one tyre-changing machine, but honestly, you will thank us later once you have your hands on it. 

Check out this review of the Rabaconda… A brilliant bit of kit. I am nowhere near 4 mins to change a tyre as yet but it’s easier every time. My best is 10 mins, way better than anything I have done before. 

Watch the videos, practice practice. After 4 tyres I had learnt a lot and it was getting easier. Get the Rabaconda tyre levers too, they work! I fitted two tyres with Bib Mousse to my FE450 and two 70/30 tyres with tubes to my Tiger. – Robert, Endurotyres customer 

If you have any questions drop us an email at office@endurotyres.com or call us on 01723 344782.

*Next day delivery available Monday – Friday if ordered before 1pm. 

Prices correct as of 1st September 2022