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Red Bull Hare Scramble – The Win List

Red Bull Hare Scramble – The Win List

The celebrations for the 20th edition of the legendary Erzbergrodeo are in full swing. On Sunday we’ll find out the winner of the Red Bull Hare Scramble. But who actually won the first one? Taddy Blazusiak got the most victories at the Iron Giant but who lies second to him in that all time win list?

Enduro21 takes a look at who’s taken on the hardest single day enduro in the world and won…

tadeuz bzazusiak-06 2007With 5 wins, Blazusiak tops the win list…
Past winners of the Red Bull Hare Scramble:

2013 Graham Jarvis (UK, Husaberg)

2012 Jonny Walker (UK, KTM)

2011 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)

2010 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)

2009 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)

2008 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)

2007 Taddy Błażusiak (POL, KTM)

2006 David Knight (UK, KTM)

2005 David Knight (UK, KTM)

2004 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)

chris-pfeiffer 1080Before his stunt riding fame, Chris Pfeiffer won Erzberg 4 times…

2003 Cyril Despres (AND, KTM)

2002 Cyril Despres (AND, KTM)

2001 Juha Salminen (FIN, KTM)

2000 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)

1999 Stefano Passeri (ITA, KTM)

1998 Giovanni Sala (ITA, KTM)

1997 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)

1996 Chris Pfeiffer (GER, Gas Gas)

1995 Alfie Cox (RSA, KTM)

alfie-cox-erzbergWay back in 1995 Alfie Cox won the very first one…