It’s the Red Bull Romaniacs people – get ready! Enduro21 are already in Sibiu so we took a wander round and checked out what was going on…

Head To Head

Even in the paddock Jarvis and Walker are facing off. Billed as the two favourites, we’re guessing the pressure will be fairly intense under these awnings from Tuesday onwards.

paddock redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 5018-1080

Jarvis’ Husky TE 300

Wow… It was hard not to walk past Graham Jarvis’ factory prepped Husqvarna TE 300 and not take a second glance. One of the first Husky’s off the production line, this bike will be the one thing every competitor will fear more than the track itself. Can Jarvis make it five wins – we’ll find out at the end of the week!

graham-jarvis husqvarna te300 1080

Chain Smoker

A smoke in the mouth and a chainsaw in the hand – this is Romaniacs!

chainsaw redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 6409-1080

The Boys In Green

A cuppa tea and having the craic – Ireland are in Romania! Six strong – the boys in green are looking forward to their first stab at the Red Bull Romaniacs.

irish redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 5053-1080

Chris Birch

Chris Birch is in the house. The Kiwi has been away from the Hard Enduro limelight since pretty much Romaniacs last year. But as former winner of the race, he’s one of the most experienced guys in the paddock and he didn’t travel halfway around the world to just ‘make up the numbers’ either.

chris-birch redbull-romaniacs 1080

Sleepy Sibiu

If architecture is your thing then Sibiu is right up your street. Surrounded by a huge stonewall, the inner parts of the city are a maze of narrow streets and some fine old buildings.

sibiu redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 5072-1080

Behind The Walls

Steadily rising from the ground, the Romaniacs Prologue is taking shape.

prologue redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 5075-1080

Helter Skelter

To the left is one of the most talked about obstacles of the Prologue – the Helter Skelter. It’s got everyone curious.

prologue redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 5077-1080

Big Machines

If you’re gonna dream big then you’re gonna need some big tools to build it. Constructing a course like the Prologue requires a couple of trucks, a forklift or two, a small army of workers and a whole lot of wood.

prologue redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 6401 1080

And Relax!

Building the Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue – sure it’s all in a days work!

sign redbull-romaniacs 2014 MG 6413-1080

We’ll keep this feed updated as the week unfolds so stay tuned here…