With less than two weeks to go until the 11th edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs begins, here’s a look at what the riders are facing.

The race kicks off in Sibiu with the traditional city prologue. But that’s only just a teaser – it’s the following four days in the Southern Carpathian wilderness where the real fun lies.

Day One

The first half of Day 1 is all about getting into race mode with relatively easy riding in open spaces for the Iron and Bronze classes. The same could be said for the Gold and Silver classes if it wasn’t for the gnarly “Doomed” section just before the service point.

The second half of the race day continues with flowing riding for the Iron but Gold, Silver and Bronze trek into the higher reaches of the mountains where they get their first taste of Red Bull Romaniacs racing. They will also pass through the sections “Hunter 3”, Hunter 4”, “Bad Shape”, “Sherco River” and deliver some spectator-friendly action in the quarry.

chris.birch romaniacs 2013 d1 1080-webBad Shape is back!

Day Two

Day Two greets Iron with a rough awakening in the morning and a few technical challenges to chew on. After the service point, they will face a more relaxed pace on the way home. For all other classes Day Two is the opposite. A set of fun, roller-coaster-like rides will provide an enjoyable morning until the service point. Only Gold gets hit with the “10A” just before service.

Afterwards it will be altitude crunching. Bronze, Silver and Gold face a climb from 400m in altitude up to 2000m that then descents back down. The Silver and Gold riders will also learn to fear the names “The Beast” and “Tsuika-Line” and for the Gold-Class it will get even worse in “The never ending story”!

Day Three

Day Three gently eases all into the day – except the Iron class, who will have their workout in the morning. Shortly, all three other classes will be hit by “1000 Stone Travers” and “SkiDoo River”, while Gold and Silver receive exclusive treatment in the “Expert Killer”.

After much welcomed service point there is no stopping for Iron who head straight for the roof top finish on the factory in Petrosani. The other classes will get to learn why Day Three is track director Klaus Sorensen`s favourite. In a high-mountain loop, they will experience a great variety of terrain and sections like the “Trial Uphill”, “Heavy Shit”, “Frontflip”, “Armpump River” and “Switchback Heaven”.

Day Four

Day Four welcomes the riders to their longest and fastest day with a technical, 500m rock crossing that will be especially tough for Iron. After that all classes will crunch some kilometres as they head for the service point. Only Gold and Silver get a little workout at “Sigi Zig Zag”.

The second half of the day is all foreplay where the famous Gusterita hill climb finish in front of thousands of spectators awaits. It will be spiced up with river crossings for all classes, among them a wall ride, variations of tricky ups and downs for Bronze and the toughest climb of the race for the Silver. Depending on the weather some of the Silver riders will have to push their bike upwards for almost two hours.

They will also face, together with the “Golden Boys”, the “Slimy River” section. The Gold-Class itself will of course never run out of interesting challenges and will get hit hard by “Long Walk Junior”, “Congo”, and “Black Mamba” before the welcome relief of the finish lines rolls into sight. There will be some nice off-road riding towards the finish right through Sibiu!

Toughest sections – Gold Only

“10A” – Very short, intense, up and down, very rocky. Named after the graduation rating of climbing routes – 10A is the hardest!

“Doomed” – Already known from previous years, has become even more cruel after adding a heavy uphill before a long and challenging downhill. The average rider will need 90 minutes.

“Never Ending Story” – A totally new and exposed trail going up a steep and wild ridge with a mix of steps, off-cambers, rocks and log jumping! Trial-skills will be an advantage.

Fun Sections

“Tsuika line” – A fun trail that ends at a woodworkers wagon where we received some good local Romanian schnapps for the efforts

“Black Mamba” – One of the most popular and well-known sections. There’s plety of cooling off in this 3km rocky uphill riverbed

Wallride and hill climb finish – 180 degrees wall ride crossing a river and then the good old Gusterita hill climb

The Red Bull Romaniacs runs from July 12-19 in Sibiu, Romania…