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Red Bull Sea to Sky – Beach Race Final

Red Bull Sea to Sky – Beach Race Final

Round one goes to Walker. The 2013 Red Bull Beach Race is a wrap and it was Jonny Walker that claimed the win.

Claiming his hat trick of Beach Race wins, Walker secured an almost start to finish win on the Kemer shoreline. We’re not sure what it is with Walker but he seems to be pretty darn confident at keeping the gas on in the loose stuff.

With Husaberg’s Xavi Galindo claiming the holeshot for the second year in a row in the Le Mans style start, Walker – who’s at least ten years Galindo’s junior – quickly slotted himself inside the top five. Powering past Alfredo Gomez (Husaberg) down the quarter mile straight, the KTM rider moved into second at the end of lap one.

jonny.walker s2s 2013 beachrace 1080-web

A couple of corners later he passed Galindo for the lead and held it for the remainder of the race to take the win and the €1000 cash prize for first. Drinks are on you tonight Walker!

Proving to be a dab hand in the sand, Gomez also found his way past Galindo – his teammate and team manager – to take second. But with almost 75 bikes filling the sub two-minute course the Spaniard couldn’t reel Walker in and had to settle for second.

alfredo.gomez s2s 2013 1080-web

Although adamant that he’s only here for a holiday, Galindo showed that he can still run and ride fast for an old guy – his words not ours. Pushed back to third place at the end of lap two, Galindo rode a smart race to take the final step of the podium.

Despite getting one of the worst starts possible, Mexico’s Homero Diaz (KTM) hauled his way through the pack at a hefty rate of knots. Fighting his way from almost dead last, Diaz kept the throttle pinned on his four-stoke as he battled his way past Andreas Lettenbichler (Husqvarna) in the closing stages of the race to snatch fourth.

andreas.lettenbichler s2s 2013 1080-web

After fighting his way up to fourth following a mid pack start, Lettenbichler unknowingly slipped back to fifth as Diaz rattled by.

With the Beach Race now complete, Walker faces the unenviable task of opening the road for the Forest Race, Saturday 28 September.