Ever wondered what all does buttons do on the cockpit of a rally bike? Turns out it’s all pretty simple really, yeah right! KTM’s newest rally star Toby Price does his best to explain…

Here is a brief insight into the control panel of my Red Bull Factory KTM Racing Rally bike.

Orange Box (centre)

This is the GPS tracking system, which connects to the CAP repeater for cap headings. It makes sure we hit all of our way points loaded into the GPS for the day via a code given to us before each stage. (Still loads more that this thing can do!)

Red Box (handlebar left)

On the left side of the handle bar you can see a toggle switch. This controls the paper roll that has our waypoints and course directions printed on it. We can scroll it forward and backward.

In the red square where it shows the three buttons on the bar control is the little RNS reader at the top left (the buttons above and below are there to recalibrate the distance higher or lower if it’s not matching the road book or when we get lost) and the button on the right changes it to a KM/H to know speed – I leave this one set to tell me distances.

Yellow Box (handlebar right)

This is essentially the same as the red box but the buttons are on the right side of the bars and control the RNS in between the orange and red boxes but I leave this one set to speed in KPH!

All pretty simple really, until you try doing it at around 100-160kph!

Thanks for that Toby, but speaking on behalf of every mere mortal reading this our brains hurt now…