Reviewing the new Michelin Xtrem Extreme Off Road Tyre

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Reviewing the new Michelin Xtrem Extreme Off Road Tyre

2020 has started with the release of a huge extreme off road tyre that we’ve been waiting for since it was announced at the EICMA show in Milan in October.

2020 has started with the release of a huge extreme off road tyre that we’ve been waiting for since it was announced at the EICMA show in Milan in October. The Michelin Xtrem

There’s been a lot of hype about this tyre so we thought we’d get our hands on them and also get some of our riders to give them a go and see how they really stack up… Does it live up to the extreme name? Read on for our full review of the latest Michelin extreme of road tyre. 

Who’s this tyre for?

To put it simply, this isn’t the tyre for everyone, and as it suggests in the name is an extreme off road tyre… but if you tick most of the statements below, then you may want to look into Xtrem further…

  • You only ride off road 
  • You need a FIM approved tyre 
  • You’re looking for a tyre for extreme Enduro events 
  • You’re happy to take risks to get yourself to the top of the podium 
  • You a mentally tough rider who revels in  all weather conditions 

You can learn more about which world-class riders are using the Michelin Xtrem here >> 


Al Ranger from Endurotyres says:

“For us, the Michelin Xtrem is the last piece of the jigsaw, the Michelin Enduro Medium is firmly established as the traditional timecard enduro tyre, now we have the very best for extreme. It’s not just a pros-only tyre as it gives confidence and grip for a Clubman rider and as one customer said to me this week it’s worth it for not breaking levers and general damage to both bike and rider on rocks!”


Since the release, one of the main questions we’ve been getting is around the price of the new extreme tyre. You’ve got to remember that this is really specialist use tyre, it’s not likely to be used for green laning  It’s for those extreme comps that you are looking to win, and want to put your all into one single ride. 

The tyre is priced just under the £100 mark and is produced in a different factory to its sister tyre the Michelin Enduro Medium, so the extra cost is down to the added silica content. The benefits and increased performance for this type of rider when compared to the Michelin Medium really do make this price increase worth it.

Speak to anyone who’s already tried this tyre and you will be put at ease about spending this kind of money on a single rear and depending on how hard you push it, you may get more than one ride out of it anyway. 

What our riders think… 

The first extreme enduro event took place earlier in the month, giving some of our riders the perfect opportunity to try out the new extreme tyre. 

Ricky Wiggins, who landed P1 in ‘Expert’ had this to say about the Michelin Xtrem: 

“First time using the new Michelin Xtrem tyre at Tong for the British Extreme.. 100% the best tyre on the market by a mile, the side walls of the tyre are so soft giving me maximum grip on all muddy cambers and slippery rocks… I would even use at a real muddy hare and hound or time card… looking forward to getting another Xtreme Tyre on for Round 2.”

You can also watch this review video from our customer Pindie on the new Michelin Xtrem. 

He used the extreme tyre on a range of different terrains including dry and wet forest, algae, stony hardpack trails, uphill on rocks and mud, commenting that there was no wheelspin or skidding even when crossing roots in the forest terrain. 

Pindie paired the extreme off road tyre with the front Starcross 5 Soft 80/100-21 which you can buy here, he also used Michelin Bib Mousse on both front and rear, however, he recommends using a slightly worn in Bib Mousse to optimum performance.

If you are not a Starcross rider, you can also pair the Xtrem with the Michelin Mediums. We even offer packages so you can get all the tyres and Bib Mousse you need at once at a reduced cost. Shop our combos here >> 

Buy the Michelin Xtrem from

If you’ve been convinced about the new extreme off road tyre and you can’t wait to get your hands on the Xtrem, you can buy online from and it will be with you next day! 

If you still need some more information, either give us a call on 01723 344782 or visit our tech info page here which explains more about the full Enduro range and includes a few more FAQs too. 

Buy Michelin Xtrem here >>