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Salvini confirms broken collarbone

Salvini confirms broken collarbone

Defending Enduro 2 champ has indeed broken his collarbone in a crash on day two in Greece.

Enduro21 broke the news earlier today of his suspected broken collarbone.

After undergoing an x-ray, Alex confirmed the news on his instagram account alexsalvini9…

“Bad news guys… I broke my collarbone after crash when I was leader at 2 tests to go! Ok this is not my year for sure and of course I’m disappointed about it.

“But I’m a rider and there is not other place where I would like to be. I was fighting for the victory again and I put all on the table. Sometimes you win and some time you lose. But the most important thing is don’t have regrets. I will be back soon guys…”

Enduro21 wish Salvo a speedy recovery in time for the GP of Finland on June 7/8.