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Should you use a MTB tyre insert? Why we recommend you use CushCore in 2023

Inner tubes > tubeless > tyre inserts… the evolution of what goes into your tyres has been an interesting one, but if you want a superior ride, then choosing a MTB tyre insert, such as those produced by CushCore will optimise your ride immensely. We thought we’d share the pros and cons of tyre inserts to help you make a decision for your 2023 season. 


Ride a puncture with ease 

A good MTB tyre insert should fair pretty well when you get a puncture during your ride, in fact during some tests we did, it lasted a whole trail of jumps and on rocky terrain, there was no need to stop in the middle of the woods mid-ride like you would with inner tubes. 

Ride faster and harder 

CushCore provides you with 50% more impact absorption compared to using a tubeless tyre which means you can ride faster and harder on the trails, really allowing you to push your limits where possible. This in turn provides insane rim protection when compared to tubeless tyres and inner tubes. 

Faster cornering

What’s the best way to beat your competitors? Quite simply it’s riding faster without hitting any obstacles that are going to damage you or your bike… how do you achieve this? With faster cornering. CushCore offers 35% more sidewall protection, so you can get around those pesky corners quicker with zero tyre roll. 

Did you know that CushCore has reduced tyre rolling by 25% when compared to using inner tubes?  


You’ll be adding more weight to your bike

One thing we mountain bike riders really begrudge is adding more weight to our bikes, CushCore sets you back about 500 grams for a set of two on both your front and rear tyres plus the weight of the sealant. Whilst this isn’t a huge amount added overall, it’s worth considering. 

Does the cost outweigh the performance? 

A set of CushCore will cost you just over £150, which may seem like quite a big initial outlay, but their longevity is pretty good, especially when compared to other tyre inserts on the market. It’s hard to say how long they will last you, as this is completely dependent on the amount of riding you do and how hard you’re pushing your bike to its limits. 

The verdict 

Despite the concerns we get questioned about in regard to weight and cost, we do feel the pros of CushCore outweigh the cons. If you don’t tend to ride much on rocky, uneven terrain, then maybe a cheaper alternative will be sufficient for you for the time being, but if you are serious about riding and plan to compete in any downhill mountain bike competitions, then we would 100% recommend you giving it a go. 

Like anything new, you may take a bit longer to install it on the first try, but it will soon become second nature. 

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We stock CushCore in both the single option, as some riders find using it on the rear gives you sufficient extra performance, plus the set option so you can ride it on front and rear. We also have CushCore included as part of some of our MTB combo deals, so the options really are endless! 

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Happy riding and good luck with your 2023 season!