Spotlight On: Michelin Motorcycle Tyres |

Spotlight On: Michelin Motorcycle Tyres

Spotlight On: Michelin Motorcycle Tyres

Endurotyres are proud to stock a wide range of Michelin motorcycle tyres, we understand the need for reliable tyres at great prices, but without having to compromise on performance.

So, why Michelin?

Michelin Motorcycle tyres have been operating for over 100 years, they have a strong reputation and are trusted within the motorcycle industry. We feel that they understand the importance of innovation and as riders ourselves, we think they offer some of the best tyres around.

Which Michelin motorcycle tyres should I go for?

Firstly, you can narrow down your search quite quickly depending on what you need your tyres for. Some Michelin tyres are more suited for lighter bikes, whereas some are suited for different terrain and aren’t road legal, so pick wisely, or risk a fine!

Need help? We can offer expert advice on which tyre would suit your riding style, but here’s an overview:

Competition riders:

We would suggest either going for the Michelin Desert Race, Enduro or Michelin Trial Comp tyres. Great for off roading, but all have their own benefits, these tyres are perfect for competing.    

Michelin Motorcycle tyres

Dual purpose riders:

You will need your tyres to be road legal, so opting for the Michelin Green Lane, Anakee Wild or Trial Comp tyres will suit you best. All these tyres are versatile however if you have a heavier bike, we’d suggest going for the Anakee Wild range, and lighter riders should go for Green lane or Trial. You may need to look to upgrade your tyres if you want to do some serious off roading.  

“This is not a racers tyre, but it is perfect for riders who are seeking adventure either solo or with a passenger!” – Anakee Wild range

Gentle trail use riders:

We’d recommend purchasing  the Michelin Green lane / trail tyres for riders who prefer gentle trail riding as opposed to more serious off road riding.   

Serious off road riders:

Enduro tyres are perfect for those who take part in competitions and off roading, they are used by many UK team riders and are fantastic on rocky terrain. The Michelin Starcross range are high performance off road competition tyres which are also great for rocky and hard terrains.

We love chatting to people with the same love for riding that we have, so are more than happy to offer free advice if you need it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned professional or new to the sport, just give us a call on 01723 344782.