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Spotlight on: Green lane tyres

From where you can green lane tyres, to your necessary kit and what the best tyres are around, it’s safe to say being in the middle of Salisbury plain we know a thing or two about green laning. When choosing your green lane tyres, you will want them to be hard wearing, road legal and affordable. So if you’re new to green laning, where do you start?

What is green laning?

If you are not ready to take on Enduro competitions, but still want to get off road, then green laning is likely to be the best option for you. It allows you to combine adventure, technical ability and access to some incredible trails around the UK and worldwide.

Where are suitable trails near me?

There are many legal green lane trails all around the UK, with the majority being in England and Wales. When choosing your trail, it’s worth checking out the local laws to ensure green laning is allowed in your area.

We would recommend taking a look at and joining the TRF, here you can find details on where you can ride, join forums and pick up some more information on the code of conduct you should be following when green laning.

What bike should I use?

To get the most out of your green laning, we would recommend purchasing a smaller capacity trail bike, this will allow you to use it on the various terrains that you will come across, and still tackle some of the tricker courses you may experience.

Which green lane tyres should I purchase?

As the UK’s number 1 off road Michelin supplier, we would always recommend Michelin for your green lane tyres (and all other motocross tyres). Although we may be biased, from extensive trialling and years of riding, we’ve always found that Michelin green lane tyres always come out on top in terms of their performance and longevity.

A popular choice of Michelin green lane tyres is the AC10 range, for under £100 a set, you can pick up some great tyres which should keep you going for a while and are 100% road legal, regardless of what you put them through. With their bi-directional knob pattern, they are also great all-rounder tyres for recreational use, so can be used as practise tyres for any Enduro comps you may have coming up. Or if you fancy the ultimate road legal tyre, of course the Michelin Medium range will be the best choice as FIM tyres are road legal.

Another advantage is that you can pick up a Bib Mousse for both your AC10’s and Michelin Mediums which will mean you can avoid the problem of punctures in your green lane tyres halfway through your day. Take a look at our range of Bib Mousse here, or give us a call on 01590 655555 to speak to one of the team about which one would be best suited for you.

Ready to get into green laning?

Click here to see our range of green lane tyres or Michelin Mediums. We also stock a range of off road tyre accessories to keep you going whilst you’re on the trails. Get in contact here or call us on 015590 655555.