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  • Spotlight On: The Michelin Power Gravel Mountain Bike Tyres

Spotlight On: The Michelin Power Gravel Mountain Bike Tyres

Gravel is one of the hottest types of mountain bike riding right now, so it’s no surprise to see Michelin is getting on board with this trend as well. The

The Michelin Power Gravel Mountain Bike Tyre | Endurotyres News

Gravel is one of the hottest types of mountain bike riding right now, so it’s no surprise to see Michelin is getting on board with this trend as well.

The Power Gravel tyre is Michelin’s answer to the ever-expanding gravel/adventure market, and it has a lot going for it!

The overall durability is excellent, as is the grip, and it offers plenty of puncture protection, all for a very competitive price. So whether you’re new to gravel riding, or you’re a budding pro, learn more about this tyre and the benefits it could offer you.

What is the Michelin Power Gravel tyre?

The Michelin Power Gravel mountain bike tyre can take you anywhere from tarmac to gravel pathways and provides exceptional grip, reliability and rolling performance that is not matched by any other mountain bike tyre in this class.

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Main Features of The Michelin Power Gravel tyres

The technicals:

  • Compound: X-Miles
  • Type: Tubeless Ready
  • Use: Off-Road, Gravel
  • Protection: Bead 2 Bead Protek
  • Bead: Folding
  • Casing: 3 x 120 TPI
  • Inflation Pressure: 43.5 – 72.5 psi


The ‘Bead 2 Bead Protek’ protection and multilayered casing on the Michelin Power Gravel tyres provides strong protection against punctures. When it is set up as tubeless, it provides very low-rolling resistance for exceptional speed, while enhancing grip and traction significantly.

Excellent Off Road Action

The tread pattern is a classic gravel design with an array of close, small knobs over the majority of the tyre. This is coupled with some deeper, larger, more spaced out knobs around the tyre edge. The medium tread size also means they fly on the trails, giving them the feel of an off-road race tyre rather than one that is aimed more at the outright grip. This makes the Michelin Power Gravel tyres a huge amount of fun!

More Strength & Grip

Thanks to the ‘Bead 2 Bead Protek’ reinforcement which protects the whole tyre casing, the Michelin Power Gravel tyres are stronger than others in the same class.

For the construction, Michelin has chosen its X-Miles compound which is a rubber compound providing abrasion resistance associated with a thicker layer on the crown of the tyre. This increases durability and ultimately allows you to get more miles out of your rubber!

Improved Grip

With it’s ‘gravel design’ tread pattern, the small blocks are perfect for low rolling resistance and excellent grip on mixed terrains.

What our pro rider Lewis Ranger says about gravel riding:

“I’ve found gravel riding to be one of the best methods of winter training for me when the downhill trails are too wet and muddy. It allows me to get the same sort of training as road cycling but without the monotony and danger you face when cycling on wet/dark winter roads.

The Michelin Power Gravel is my go-to tyre for my gravel bike. They have withstood the abuse of 2 very wet winters and have dealt with everything that Salisbury plains gravel tracks have thrown at them. They have the perfect balance between, grip, rolling resistance and durability and have helped me stay fit and explore places I would never see whilst on the Enduro mountain bike.”

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