Beta’s Steve Holcombe is enjoying an incredible 2015 season. Taking wins in the Enduro World Championship the likeable young Brit is quickly carving out for himself a strong future in the EWC despite this being his first season on the championship trail.

Fresh off his day two Enduro Junior victory at the GP of Italy, Holcombe then claimed his debut win at the prestigious Welsh 2-Day Enduro – Britain’s longest running and biggest enduro.

After a well-deserved beer we caught with Holcombe, the 2015 Welsh 2-Day Enduro winner…

With wins in the EWC, British Enduro Championship and now the Welsh 2 Day Enduro, 2015 is proving pretty good!

Steve Holcombe: “We’re really only halfway through the year but already it’s been incredible. Things are going great and I’m just loving riding bikes at the moment.”

Grabbing your first win at the Welsh is pretty special, you must have enjoyed the race?

Steve Holcombe: “I’ve loved it. From when I first raced the Welsh Two Day Enduro back in 2013 I’ve been itching to come back. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it last year as we had the European Championship on the same dates. The Welsh is the biggest enduro in Britain, it’s steep in history. All the greats have ridden and won here so to now have my name on the cup is cool.

In your opinion what makes this event so popular?

“It’s just different from many races. It’s more of a social gathering of friends and riders rather than a highly competitive race. It’s not your average race by any means. It’s held midweek and we ride a 240-mile single loop once each day. You’ve also got riders that have been riding it for God knows how many years on every type of bike imaginable – sidecars, twin shocks etc. It’s just a good race with a cool vibe.”

You won day one on Thursday easily but some problems didn’t let you win day two. What happened?

“Day two was a bit unusual for me to say the least. Not so much of a struggle, just a strange day when weird things happen. The first special test was really slippery but I managed to win it on both tries. Then we went to the second special test and I don’t know what I hit around one corner, but it sent me to the floor pretty fast. I got a bad dead leg after that and a bit of gravel rash on my arm. Then in the next test, coming into a chicane near the end I got a bit low in one of the corners and clipped the tire on the inside with the handlebar. So I went down there too. But you know that’s the luck of it. I managed to get a win in the last test so still got the overall win.”

What’s been the reaction you’ve got from the public in Wales, especiallyvwith them knowing you’re a GP winner now?

“The response from people has been great. It’s been non-stop, but I love it. It’s good to see that people are interested in me and what I’ve been doing in the GPs. It’s great to come here and mix with all these pure enduro people, have a few beers in the evening and just relax. So, you know, I can’t really complain.”

Next week’s EWC GP of Belgium, do you think you can get another win under your belt before the start of the summer break?

“Right after the Welsh2Day my plan is to spend a few days off the bike. I’ve done quite a lot of riding recently so I need a bit of a rest. Then see how things go in Belgium. It’d be great to carry the momentum from Italy there and see what I can do. Obviously you’ve got five or six guys that can win the class on any given day so it won’t be easy. But I’ve got a taste of for the top step of that podium now so that’s what I’m be chasing!”