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SuperEnduro France – We’ve Made It!

SuperEnduro France – We’ve Made It!

Five rounds down and it’s time for the final stop of the SuperEnduro World Championship in Tours, France.

After a short flight and a long train ride, Enduro21 has made it to the Parc des Expositions in Tours.

Marking the second year SuperEnduro has visited Tours, the track is looking sweet for race day. Eric Peronnard and his EnduroCross crew have been busy sculpting one hell of a cool track. With multiple lines and new sections – including a drop off and rhythm section – it should make for great racing.

“The track looks ace,” told Jonny Walker. “I’m looking forward to getting stuck into it. There’s tones of line choices so there should be plenty of passing opportunities.”

track SUPERENDURO-2014 SPAIN GOPR0148 1200

track SUPERENDURO-2014 SPAIN GOPR0133-1200

Quietly confident about wrapping up his fifth consecutive title, Taddy Blazusiak can get the championship out of the way after Final #1 if things go to plan.

“If my maths are any way correct I can win the title after Final #1 providing I also top SuperPole,” explained Blazusiak. “On one hand it would be great if it went to plan like that but I’m trying not to get stressed. I’ve 39 points in hand over David so I’ll just have to see how things work out.”


taddy.blazusiak SUPERENDURO-2014 SPAIN 1200

After his two-stroke gamble failed to pay off last time out in Barcelona, Knight is back on a four-stroke for France.

“I wanted to finish out the season on the four-stroke,” said Knight. “Sherco have built a new engine and I’m loving it. The track looks ace – hopefully it will suit me – so I’m giving it everything I got to win here.”

david.knight gopro 1200

track SUPERENDURO-2014 SPAIN GOPR0139-1200

Fired up to race on home turf, Husqvarna’s Mathias Bellino wants to give the home crowd something to cheer for.

“It would be awesome to win here – maybe it’s possible,” laughed Bellino. “The track suits me – lots of jumps to play with. I’m excited for it.”

And we are too. First practice is about 11.30hrs with the main event getting underway at 20.00hrs.

Stay tuned to Enduro21…