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SuperEnduro Mexico – We’ve Made It!

SuperEnduro Mexico – We’ve Made It!

With last weekend’s race in Brazil done and dusted, Enduro21 has arrived in Guadalajara, Mexico for round four of the SuperEnduro World Championship. Tagging along with David Knight and Jonny Walker we pulled out the GoPro and grabbed a few photos of the track…

After a quick track inspection first impressions are really positive. The track crew have been hard at work during the last week and they’ve delivered a track that’s on par with the rest of the series to date. Knight and Walker have given it the thumbs up.

Set in a newly built equestrian arena the course is by no means small. There’s plenty packed in but not too much. With the right amount of space between obstacles it should be fast and flowing.

Exiting the first corner are two log sections. The first has logs set at an angle while the second is filled with wood. Expect those buggers to catch a few guys off guard.

track superenduro mexico 1080 GOPR0545

In the centre of the arena is the water splash. Set at an angle there’s a couple of options to jump in and out of it.

track-superenduro mexico 1080 GOPR0542

Immediately afterwards the water is a sand pit. Providing plenty of ruts it’s a good spot for the riders to get loose and aggressive.

track superenduro mexico 1080 GOPR0541

Set on a curve the rock garden is the longest of the series so far. It’s also the most technical looking. This could be the make or break section on the course.

track superenduro mexico 1080 GOPR0540

Chuck in a few tyre jumps and a tabletop jump to finish and that’s the GP of Mexico in a nutshell!