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Our supported riders… how our Michelin MTB tyres are keeping some of the UK’s best on top of their game

Want to know what rubber the pro’s and semi-pro’s use when they’re out on the track? Getting the right tyres can be a game changer and the difference between a win and a loss. In this article, we’ve been in touch with some of our supported MTB riders to find out exactly what they will be using in 2019.

Kate Wakely

As one of the UK’s top female MX riders, Katie has made the switch to MTB riding and is sporting the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres, she chooses these tyres mainly for the improved grip they give her.Katie Wakley Michelin MTB tyres

Here’s what Kate had to say about choosing Michelin for her bike…

“I’ve been using the Michelin tyres for a few months now and absolutely love them, they are really tough (I have a habit of tearing tyres and these are holding up well), the compound and tread are spot on, super grippy but still roll well. Tyres are one of the most important things on my bike and I really do love these!”

Lewis Ranger

As an Enduro Husky Sport rider, Lewis only took to MTB in late in November 2018, after landing his first win at Forest of Dean Enduro in November, he started to enter more competitions and has come out with a 1st in Elite and 1st overall at the Southern Enduro MTB event.

Whether he’s using petrol-power or pedal-power, Lewis always relies on Michelin. He’s been sporting the Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X, and they’ve taken him from strength to strength in the past year. We’re expecting some big things from Lewis in 2019, so keep an eye out for more wins!

Lewis had this to say about the Michelin Wild range;

Lewis Ranger & Michelin MTB tyres

“I am very impressed with how confidence inspiring the Michelin Wild Enduros are. The aggressive tread pattern (especially on the front) means that the tyre grips pretty much everywhere. From wet, slippy chambers in Wales, to dry hard-pack chalk at my local in Tidworth, the tyres have never let me down.”

Lewis is also using the Cush Core as an inner tube alternative, which can be purchased online here.

Simon Wakely

Simon was a former top running MX and cycle Enduro team rider but has now won the Southern Enduro’s MTB winner title multiple times. Simon had this to say when we asked him about what tyres he uses;

“I use the Michelin Wild Enduro tyres as I need something that is tough, grippy and can deal with any conditions. These tyres have impressed me so much with the amount of grip and confidence they give you. They have worked well in all weather conditions since I started using them.”

Ross Hancock

Ross has secured the UKGE (UK Gravity Enduro) Senior Champion title, when we asked him about why he chooses the Michelin Wild Enduro range, he had this to say;

“I’ve used all brands of tyres in my short time riding mountain bikes but I’m pretty sure I’ve found my ‘fit and forget’ tyre setup for all conditions.”

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