Gary Sutherlin returns to action and bags the win at round four of the AMA National Hare and Hound Championship…

Round four of the Kenda/Srt National Hare and Hound Championship not only saw the return of the Vikings MC to the season after their break in 2014 but it also saw the return FMF/KTM’s Gary Sutherlin who won round one of the series.

Sutherlin – out of action since round two due to a broken – was back to his normal self and took a confidence-boosting win.

In cool and breezy temperatures the flag dropped to start the 100-mile Virgin Voyage race in Lucerne Valley.

At the end of the bomb run, Skyler Howes put his KTM 300 XC out front and lead for the first 20 miles. “It was great being out front and getting to dice with those guys!” said Howes.

Gary Sutherlin soon worked his way past Howes while pulling his teammate Ivan Ramirez along with him.

Ricky Brabec got an uncharacteristically good start as well and only a few miles later he worked his way past Howes, Sutherlin and Ramirez to take the lead before check 1.

“I actually got a good start for once!” later laughed Brabec “I think it was from teaching that riding clinic to the kids yesterday.”

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Brabec led the field onto the second loop with Sutherlin, Ramirez, Nick Burson and FMF Pro 250 racer Dalton Shirey aboard his Husqvarna TE 250.

“I was leading and following ribbon and all of a sudden there was nothing,” recalled Brabec.

“I know it was super windy all night and just tried to find something but I just couldn’t get it. The other guys got through clean and I was left playing catch up and was riding mad which didn’t make it any better.”

Sutherlin – back in the lead at that point – never looked back and took the win.

“Since this is my first race back so I was only riding at about 90%.” Sutherlin said “So I knew I just had to be clean with Ramirez close.”

After the third 35 mile loop Sutherlin crested the final hill victorious, followed by Ramirez giving FMF/KTM a 1-2 finish at round four.

Brabec crossed the finish line visibly frustrated with his third place result.

Burson followed them home in fourth after a good, uneventful ride followed by Shirey in fifth overall while taking his fourth FMF Pro 250 win in as many rounds.

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OVERALL: 1. Gary Sutherlin (KTM); 2. Ivan Ramirez (KTM); 3. Ricky Brabec (KAW); 4. Nicholas Burson (BET); 5. Dalton Shirey (HSQ); 6. Skyler Howes (KTM); 7. Axel Pearson (BET); 8. Justin Morgan (YAM); 9. David Kamo (KTM); 10. Ryan Smith (YAM); 11. Colton Udall (HON); 12. Joey Black (KAW); 13. Steve Kirk Iii (YAM); 14. Jeff Trulove (KTM); 15. Brody Honea (KAW); 16. Max Eddy Jr. (KAW); 17. Taylor Stevens (HSQ); 18. Mark Samuels (HON); 19. Jared Schlapia (KTM); 20. Brendan Crow (KTM);