Lying unusually low on the sidelines, Taddy Blazusiak has revealed he’s been battling to over come the Epstein Barr Virus…

Taddy Blazusiak’s plans for 2015 haven’t gone the way he hoped they would. Starting the year on form and by wrapping up a sixth consecutive FIM SuperEnduro World Championship title, Taddy was set on returning to Extreme Enduro competition following his amazing run of AMA Endurocross championship successes in the States. At least that was his plan…

Diagnosed with the Epstein Barr Virus soon after the ErzbergRodeo, Taddy has been forced to take things easy during the last few months – an essential part of his recovery from EBV. Feeling far from 100% during the closing stages of the SuperEnduro series, Taddy initially thought his fatigue was down to a busy racing schedule.

“Getting EBV has been horrible – racing bikes is what I do, so when I’m unable to do that it’s tough,” told Blazusiak. “As an athlete it’s incredibly difficult to understand what’s happening with EBV. We understand physical injuries, we understand the process of operations and recovery. But this is has been so different. Thankfully, I’m starting to feel better but it makes no sense to rush things now. I have to say a huge thanks to Dr Klemens Trieb and his team at the Hospital in Wels, Austria for helping me. Together with my sponsors we’ve decided that I will return to racing at the start of the SuperEnduro series in December.

Following his diagnosis with EBV Taddy has been doing all he can to make a quick and full recovery. Soon to return to training, in order to aid his return to full fitness Taddy has opted not to race in the upcoming Red Bull Megawatt and Red Bull Sea to Sky events. Instead he will focus on his FIM SuperEnduro title defence, which starts in Lodz, Poland on December 5.

 “It’s really disappointing not to be competing at my race – Red Bull Megawatt – and also to cancel my participation in some other races like Red Bull Sea to Sky,” continued Taddy. “But on the other hand I’m happy that I can still be supportive and help KTM, Red Bull, Fox, Airoh, ORLEN, GoPro and POD with PR activities. It will be a new experience for me be at the races but not be racing. After some weeks sat on my coach at home I am happy that step-by-step things are turning around for me. It’ll be cool to go back to Poland for Megawatt because I’ve not been back to Poland for some time. After that I will travel to Canada to support the Red Bull Rocks and Logs event and take care of some PR activities with FOX. I’m using my time to give back to my sponsors, and looking forward to returning to racing…”

What is Epstein Barr Virus?

It’s a virus that can cause a number of diseases, one that most people will pick up at some point in their lives. But when you’re constantly training, racing and travelling – putting yourself under constant stress like a professional sports person – it can be pretty nasty. It basically means you feel extremely physically and mentally drained.