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Taddy Blazusiak Q&A

Taddy Blazusiak Q&A
Delivering a winning result when it mattered most, Taddy Blazusiak has pulled himself level on points with Mike Brown at the top of the AMA Endurocross championship. Enduro21.com gets the lowdown from Taddy and talks race wins, starts, rollercoaster performances, the Las Vegas Endurocross final, and this weekend’s SuperEnduro opener…

A winning result when you needed it most, how did round six go? 

TB: “It was a really good night. The start was a little slick, which seemed to be good for a 250f and I was able to get into the first turn with Mike from a fourth gate pick. I took no risks on the hot lap, so I was pleased with fourth. In the final I got around Mike during the first lap but was riding a little tense. I locked my front wheel and Cody Webb moved ahead of me. I got things together then, moved back into the lead, and got the win.”

There’s still one round to go but winning round six must have been one of your all time most important results?

TB: “Definitely. If I had finished off the podium it would have made things very, very difficult at the final in Vegas. Not impossible because anything can happen, but things would have been stacked against me. I knew I needed to make this result count and I’m pleased that I got the win.”

You seem to have had an up-and-down Endurocross season compared to others. Is there any specific reason for that?

TB: “It’s hard to say. I was late starting my pre-season training because of shoulder surgery. Then I was working on strengthening my shoulder, which isn’t what you want for racing. So I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be early in the season. Then I spent some time competing on a rally bike, which wasn’t good for my Endurocross speed. When things are going well you don’t think about it too much. But when you’re not exactly where you want to be you realise that there are so many details that all need to fall into place. I feel like those pieces are only just coming together again. I’m back on track.”

Did you change anything going into round six?

TB: “Nothing major. We’re always working on improving our bike so that was no different. Like I said I feel like things just came together well on the night. It’s only been small mistakes, which stopped me form finishing on the podium at round five. Things just went like I hoped they would.”

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It’s all down to the Vegas final for the championship now between yourself and Mike Brown. Surely that’s going to be one hell of a high-pressure event?

TB: “It’s going to be a huge race for both of us. The way I see it is that it’ll be like an X Games event – a one-off, but only whoever does best gets the Endurocross championship. I feel like I know how to ride under pressure so I’ll do all I can to win. The start will be massively important. What’ll be interesting is that no matter where Mike and I finish that will decide the championship.”

Before the Endurocross final you have the FIM SuperEnduro opener in Liverpool, England. Does that complicate your Endurocross preparations?

TB: “No, not really. It’s a bit of a crazy situation having one championship starting before another has ended, but it’s like that. The bike I’ll race in SuperEnduro will be a lot different to my Endurocross bike, but I’m really looking forward to the race. It’s good because I have a lot of races under my best this year. But I also have a championship in the States to try and win, so I have to remember that.”

As the defending FIM SuperEnduro champion are you looking forward to the start of your title defence?

TB: “I’m really looking forward to racing in the championship. What’s great is I get to basically continue my Endurocross racing, but against mostly different riders. After the opener in the UK I get to race back home in Poland, which is always good, and then in the New Year we’re off to South America. The Liverpool race is going to be really interesting. There are a lot of fast riders competing in SuperEnduro so it’s going to be seriously competitive.”

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The final round of the AMA Endurocross series takes place in Las Vegas, NV, November 23.

The opening round of the FIM SuperEnduro championship is in Liverpool, England, November 17.

Results – US Endurocross, round 6
1. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM)
2. Cody Webb (Beta)
3. Colton Haaker (Honda)
4. Mike Brown (KTM)
5. Justin Soule (Kawasaki)
6. Taylor Robert (Kawasaki)