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Taddy: “Endurocross championship starts now…”

Taddy: “Endurocross championship starts now…”
With three rounds of the US Endurocross series remaining and just three points separating KTM team mates Mike Brown and Taddy Blazusiak the 2013 title fight is most definitely on. With just one win to his credit so far this year, but with four consecutive titles to his name, Taddy Blazusiak’s is as fired up as ever to claim yet another Endurocross title…
“It’s been a tough season for me so far. But I guess no championship is easy to win. If I look back over the last few Endurocross seasons I’ve maybe been a little slow to get going for a few years now, but this year, for one reason or another, it’s taken a little longer for me to get up to speed than I’d have liked. Picking up a few injuries along the way hasn’t helped, but it’s now that the Endurocross championship starts.

“There’s three races still to go and I’m three points behind championship leader Mike Brown. Winning the Endurocross title is my number one goal each season, so the next few weeks are going to be super important. It was fun racing X Games, but it’s the Endurocross title that’s the main prize I’m after.

“I guess the last Endurocross in Denver was typical of my year – a real mixed bag. I felt good going into the race, had won the previous race, but came close to not making the final. My front wheel washed out at the start of my heat race and I hit my head on the ground really hard. I didn’t get a chance to get my arm out, it was just bang. I got up and finished the race, and thought I was pushing hard, but I wasn’t fully with it. I felt a little better in the LCQ and managed to get to the final but qualifying through the LCQ is never ideal.

“To finish second is a result I’m happy with. Winning would have been great, but after what happened in my heat race I guess a podium is more than good enough. The most important thing was that I closed the gap at the top of the point standings. Three points behind with three races to go isn’t where I want to be, but it’s going to make for some interesting racing from here to the end of the series. Before I get to the end of the Endurocross series I’ll have the first round of the FIM SuperEnduro series in Liverpool England, so it’s going to be a busy few weeks.

“One thing that wasn’t good to hear recently is that X Games won’t be returning to Europe in 2014. I know things didn’t exactly go to plan for ESPN this summer with the bad weather they had at all three events outside of the US, but the Enduro X races were good to be a part of. They didn’t go perfectly for me, and the injury I picked up in Barcelona was something I could have done without, but the experiences were amazing…”

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Photo: Shan Moore