As the 2015 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship draws to a close this weekend in Cahors, France KTM’s Taddy Blazusiak is perfectly poised to secure yet another indoor title. 

Holding a healthy 42-point lead, Blazusiak is hot favourite to secure a record- breaking sixth consecutive FIM crown. Feeling relaxed and ready, Taddy gives his thoughts ahead of yet another hugely important weekend…

It’s potentially a championship-winning weekend for you. Are you feeling any nerves ahead of the final round?

“It’s normal to have nerves. I think you’ve got to be sort of nervous before a weekend like this otherwise you lose focus. But I feel like I’ve a good handle on the championship now. I’m focused on riding my bike and basically doing my job. If I do that right then the title will hopefully come to me.”

Have you got any specific plan of attack for the races?

“A healthy points lead coming into this race has taken the pressure off a little. I don’t have to put everything on the line. If I finish inside the top five in each race then I can be the champion, but it will also happen if I win SuperPole and then win the first race. The latter would be the ideal situation for me, but I’m not going to get stressed about it. As long as I end the night as world champion I’ll be happy!”

taddy.blazusiak superenduro-brazil-rnd5 MG 7808-1080© Lynn / enduro21.com

Overall how would you sum up your SuperEnduro series to date?

“I can’t really fault it. I’ve won four out of five rounds and was on the podium in the other one. To do that in a championship as unpredictable and crazy as SuperEnduro is great – I’m more than happy with how it’s all gone.”

Was there a specific moment when you felt like you were going to be the rider to beat in this championship?

“I think round one in Poland was a huge moment for me. I’d just lost the AMA EnduroCross championship and I arrived to Poland feeling like I needed to prove myself again. The pressure was definitely on there. I couldn’t afford to lose. In the first race I crashed off the start but charged back from last to win. Then winning the other two races to claim the overall definitely put me back in the game. Mentally I was a different person leaving that stadium.”

Although not part of the SuperEnduro series, you raced and won the Enduro Indoor De Barcelona last weekend. That’s an important race for you, right?

“I love racing in Barcelona – it’s become like my home race as I live not too far away. Grabbing the overall win in the dying moments of the night was awesome but just having some extra race time was important.”

This isn’t just a championship-winning weekend for you but potentially a record- smashing sixth world title. What does that mean to you?

“It’s cool, really cool, but I’m not massively bothered by records. I just want to win races. I feel like it’s that drive to win that’s helped me achieve so much in this sport. Each and every championship I’ve won is special to me. I’ve pretty much ticked everything off the list that I wanted to win. Now it’s that competitive spirit to win races that keeps me going. There’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line first…”

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