Two rounds into the defence of his FIM SuperEnduro crown and Taddy Blazusiak has established himself at the top of the 2015 series. Four race wins from the six finals held so far, topping the podium in both Poland and Germany means Blazusiak is 13 points ahead in the title chase… 

Firstly, how’s life back on a 300cc two-stroke?

Taddy: “I’m really enjoying it. It’s a lot of fun and has put a real spark back into my riding. But I need to eliminate my mistakes. You can get away with so much more stuff on the four-stroke than you can on the two-stroke. I’m still trying to figure out where that line between crashing and staying on two wheels is. But it’s fun!”

Two rounds in and you’re 13 points ahead in the series. You’ve got to be pleased about that?

Taddy: “Definitely – I can’t ask for much more than what I’m doing. Winning all three races in Poland was perfect. It was a big motivation for me and I carried that result across the Christmas break and into round two in Germany. Four race wins from six starts and two overall wins is great.”

Speaking of crashes, talk us through that last lap crash in race one in Poland. You were lucky to get back up and still win!

Taddy: “It was a bit of stupid mistake on my part. I can only really blame rider error on that one. I was hitting this log section hard all day and coming into it on the final lap I caught sight of both Cody Webb and Jonny Walker just up the track. I surprised myself that I was about to lap them. For a split second I lost concentration and went down. It was a fast crash so I’m thankful to get away unhurt.”

start superenduro 2015-rnd2 MG 2580-1080© Lynn / Enduro21.com

There are 16 guys on track in each final. How are you managing the chaos?

Taddy: “Managing the chaos is a huge part of this type of racing. They’re short sprint races so you just can’t afford to make a single mistake. In Germany, in the second race, I didn’t have any luck finding gaps and making safe passes. I got stuck behind some guys and had to follow Alfredo Gomez for a couple of laps – that made me lose touch with the leaders. David Knight was able to manage that reverse order start the best. He got to the front pretty quickly and checked out, so hats off to him for that.”

Jonny Walker has beaten you to the SuperPole win twice. What’s it going to take to beat him?

Taddy: “Just getting that perfect lap in. Like I said, you can get away with more mistakes on the four-stroke than the two-stroke. When you’re hanging it out for the fastest lap in SuperPole it’s so easy to get off line and slip up. Jonny’s been solid in SuperPole but maybe in Finland I can get the fastest time.”

Finland marks the halfway point in the series and it’s the first time SuperEnduro will travel to Scandinavia. What are your thoughts on it?

Taddy: “It’s cool to visit somewhere new. Finland isn’t a place I’ve raced very often so I’m excited to see something fresh. In terms of the championship I want to keep doing what I’m doing. Winning races and keeping out front – that’s what it’s all about right now.”

Round three of the 2015 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship takes place in Helsinki, Finland on February 1st.