Taylor Robert is disappointed to once again start out his season with an injury. The Red Bull KTM was dealing with a nagging wrist injury since December, but closer inspection revealed a broken bone in his left wrist. 

He’s now set to undergo surgery to repair the broken scaphoid on March 3, 2015, and will consequently be out for eight weeks. Forced to act as a spectator at the SuperEnduro GP of Mexico, enduro21.com caught up with Taylor to find out exactly what’s going on…

“I injured my left wrist about two days after the SuperEnduro in Poland. I was practicing in my backyard and had a silly little crash. I didn’t really think anything of it at the time and actually went out into the mountains and rode for about three hours. But once I got home it began to swell up so we knew something was wrong.

“Initially I went to two different doctors and had a lot of scans and x-rays but nothing showed up. I hoped it was just a sprain and that it would sort itself out with time. But it never did. So to keep riding I wore a wrist brace to get me by.

“With little or no progress and frustration growing we knew something was wrong and then finally we found another doctor that got to the root of the problem.

taylor-robert-superenduro-finland-wrist© Lynn / enduro21.com

“He did a scan whereby he injected a blue dye into my wrist that would show up any breaks. Thankfully that’s when we found out that I had broken my scaphoid and that I had been riding on a fracture for the last two months.

“I got the results of the scan when I was in the airport on my way to the SuperEnduro in Mexico so I decided to come anyway. In my mind I kind of wanted to ride – my bike was already there and everything was good to go.

“I talked over with Antti Kallonen – my KTM team manager – about whether or not I could ride in Brazil but he was keen for me not to and basically start the healing process as quickly as possible. He’s been my voice of reason!

“Antti has managed to get my surgery scheduled for next week – beginning of March – and then it’s just a matter of getting back to fitness again. The doctors say it will be about eight weeks until I can get back on a bike but I’m hoping things will go quicker than that.

“Injuries are never good but the timing really sucks with this one. If we’d been able to diagnose the injury when it happened two months ago then I would have sat out the SuperEnduro series and been ready for the first round of the AMA EnduroCross Championship.

“Unfortunately now I’m going to miss it. After a good end to the series last year I felt like I could have challenged for the title this year. All I can do now is heal up and come back fit and healthy when I get the all clear.”