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Testing The Michelin Pilot Slope Mountain Bike Tyres

Anyone else feel like lockdown is lasting forever? To shake up our daily exercise routine, we’ve been busy getting out on the trails and trying out some NEW Michelin mountain bike tyres! Our team were lucky enough to try out the Michelin Pilot Slope tyres to see what all the fuss was about… Let us be the first to tell you that they’re worth all the hype!

The Pilot Slope tyres allow you to gain height and let go with the best of Michelin’s dirt jump tyres!

Whether you see yourself as the next dirt jump superstar, or you’re simply looking for fresh new rubber to show off at the local bike park, get to know the Michelin Pilot Slope tyres better by reading the article below.

The basics – What is this tyre made for?

The Michelin Pilot Slope tyres have been made for quite a niche type of bike called a ‘dirt jump bike’. These are designed to be used in Skateparks, BMX tracks, ‘pump tracks’ or on ‘dirt jumps’.

These tracks are often made from tarmac or very smooth, highly maintained dirt to maximise speed. From the images below, you can see that this is very different from a normal mountain bike trail full of roots and rocks that our other Michelin mountain bike tyres are designed for. This is why the Michelin Pilot Slope has a completely unique design and tread pattern.

The technicals – Getting personal

You know that we’re a little biased when it comes to choosing a tyre brand (we are the UK’s number 1 for everything Michelin off-road…) but you really can’t beat Michelin!

They definitely know a thing or two about rubber thanks to many years of experience in the automobile industry, and they’ve carried this nicely across to their large range of mountain bike tyres.

Because the Michelin Pilot Slope tyres have been designed to be used on very smooth/hard surfaces there is no need for it to have big knobs like a regular mountain bike tyre that is designed to dig into the soft loose dirt to find grip. It’s important to be able to carry lots of speed when riding dirt jumps and pump tracks so the less drag the better.

As well as smooth tread patterns, dirt jump riders also pump their tyres up to very high tyre pressures to allow the them to roll as fast as possible. Because of this, CushCore is not needed and most riders will use an old fashioned inner tube.

  • Discipline: MTB (dirt jump)
  • Terrain: Dirt / Track
  • Bead: Foldable
  • Weight: 550 grams
  • Size: 26″ x 2.25″
  • Fitting: Front / Rear
  • Sealing: Tubeless Ready – These tyres can be fitted without an inner tube as long as the maximum pressure is not exceeded, a sealant is added and the tyres pressure is checked before each ride.

The review – What our pro rider Lewis Ranger says:

“Like a lot of people at the beginning of lockdown last year, I decided that I needed a project. When I saw a cheap second-hand dirt jump bike come up for sale on Facebook marketplace, it looked to be the perfect candidate! After upgrading a few parts and (most importantly) fitting a set of Michelin Pilot Slope 2.25 x 26” tyres it was time to go riding!

Over the past year, I’ve ridden the Michelin Pilot Slope at many different locations and on a variety of terrain including concrete skateparks, tarmac pump tracks, dirt jumps and BMX tracks. I was surprised by how versatile the tyre was! It has just enough tread to maintain grip on the dirt but still rolls super-fast when going for a big transition at the pump track, or racing your mates at the BMX track.

The tyres have also proven to be very durable, withstanding hundreds of laps and putting up with some big ‘cases’ and awkward landings at the skatepark.

These tyres are the best all-rounders I’ve found for my dirt jump bike and I’m excited to give them another summer of abuse!”

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