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The benefits of riding both motocross and mountain bikes

People often compare mountain bike riding to motocross, and while it seems like a fair comparison on the surface, there’s much to understand before you can decide which is best for you. You might even find that you enjoy a combination of both!

This article outlines the benefits of riding both mountain and motocross bikes, as well as how the team at Endurotyres can help you get the best Michelin tyres to suit your riding style.

Reasons to try mountain biking

Our pro rider, Lewis Ranger, originally started as a Moto rider. Over the years he’s developed a passion for mountain bike riding and has outlined some reasons below as to why you should give it a go too…

Physical training

Motorbike Enduro/ Mx or Trials riding can be physically demanding and finding ways to train for it can be difficult, especially with the current pandemic. But with mountain biking, it’s simple to hop on at any time and start training from as close as your doorstep. Both focus on very similar muscle groups, and so either is a great way to train, and get in some exercise whilst having fun.

Technique and skills

Although a Moto has an engine and mountain bikes rely solely on pedal power, the fundamental skills are very relatable. Both sports will benefit from good line choice, carrying corner speed and ultimately being smooth. They both take a lot of skill and technique to get really good… but it’s surprising how much you can learn when you can’t rely on a handful of throttle to get you back up to speed!

Don’t forget about the social side!

With no engine noise to worry about you can’t beat the shouts as you tear down a trail with your mates, and being able to put the world to rights on the way back up is a bonus too!

MTBs can be more cost-effective

By the time you’ve prepped, filled the bike and the van with fuel and paid the entry for a practice day, a day out on the motorbike can start adding up! With a mountain bike, you can have an awesome day on the saddle from your front door, with only the cost of the post-ride round in the pub on the way home to worry about!

How Endurotyres can help you prep for both

Whether you need Michelin Xtreme tyres to compete in a professional race, or you’re looking to try the NEW Michelin DH22 tyres to get your best downhill run time, Endurotyres can help your source the best gear, no matter your style of riding.

We have been stocking both Michelin mountain bike tyres, as well as a wide range of Michelin motocross tyres since early 2019. As well as our experience, other reasons to choose Endurotyres include:

  • The best stock – As the UK’s number 1 choice for all Michelin off-road products, we generally will have as much stock as the largest online retailer will… so if there is a product out of stock, it’s likely no one else will have it either!
  • Top-notch knowledge – All the team behind Endurotyres are riders themselves, so we’ve got the knowledge and hands-on experience of both styles of riding already.
  • Rave reviews – We’re lucky enough that our customers love raving about our service and products as much as we do, and this has been proved by our 5-star reviews across Facebook, Google and TrustPilot, check them out for yourself.

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