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All the gear, no idea? Choosing the best downhill mountain bike gear for you

Have you decided that hitting your local downhill mountain bike trails competitions is going to be your New Year’s resolution? Or maybe you’re looking for a new hobby and have packed your Christmas list full of the latest downhill mountain bike gear?

Well, you’re in luck, whether you are a beginner trying to get into the sport, or have been giving it a go for a while and want to take it a bit more seriously, below we’ve outlined the best downhill mountain bike gear for every rider…

Want to start with the basics?

The obvious first purchase will be a decent mountain bike. Whilst we only stock mountain bike tyres and accessories, we have our fair share of knowledge on which bikes we would recommend and bikes that our pro riders use, just a few include, Katie and Simon Wakely using Specialized, Matt Rowe on Mutiny bikes and Lewis Ranger on Nukeproof. However, if you’re not keen to splash out on a top of the range mountain bike, there are some budget bikes available which will still give you great performance. Generally, you will be looking to purchase one of 3 types of mountain bikes, either; rigid, full suspension or hardtail. Take a read of this article from Bike Radar on the best budget mountain bikes under £500.

Starting a new hobby can be tricky and knowing where to start with downhill mountain bike gear can be even harder. Purchasing the basics, but still getting good quality is important. Here at Enduro Tyres, we stock a range of Michelin MTB tyres for all levels of riders, however, as a starting tyre we would recommend the Michelin Force mountain bike tyre. A versatile option that can be used on mixed terrains, it’s a durable tyre with great grip and increased strength thanks to the ‘Cross shield’ casing. For just £37 as a singular tyre or £79 for the pair, you can’t go wrong!

Buy the Michelin Force MTB tyre here.

Ready for more of the serious stuff?

Once you’ve established your style of mountain biking, you will want to move towards the tyres that suit that riding style. Fortunately, Michelin offers a range of Enduro mountain bike tyres that fit this brief. For optimum performance, choose one of the following Michelin MTB tyres to add to your downhill mountain bike gear.

Michelin Enduro Wild – The Michelin Wild range benefits from extreme strength and maximum grip, making this the perfect range for high-performance mountain biking. This all-purpose tyre is very versatile so ideal for a variety of different terrains. This is the most popular option from the Enduro mountain bike range.

Michelin Enduro Rock – This is the ideal tyre choice for those who are mainly riding hard, rocky terrains. Perfect for those challenging courses.

Michelin Enduro Force – Using Gravity Shield technology, the Enduro Force tyre gives optimum performance and grip on hard, dry terrains.

Michelin Enduro Mud – As the name suggests, the Enduro Mud is the best choice to get you through the tricky muddy terrains.

Read more about the Michelin Enduro mountain bike range here.

Don’t forget, protection is vital for all mountain bike riders, a well-fitting helmet, gloves and body armor is essential.

Up your game with extra downhill mountain bike gear  

If you’ve been mountain biking for a while, but apart from good quality tyres, haven’t really invested in any additional downhill mountain bike gear, now’s the time to up your game!

Running standard inner tubes? We hear time and time again about first-time riders getting stuck after finding a puncture just as they’ve reached the top of their run. If you are looking for puncture proof mountain bike tyres, get your hands on an anti-puncture Cush Core. Used by many of our pro riders, the Cush Core is a long-lasting, specially formulated product that mounts inside the tyre of your mountain bike.

Buy the Cush Core here.

It’s worth always carrying a service kit in your backpack, especially if you are competing. Our Enduro Tyres tubeless service kit won’t let you down. We have taken the excellent Schwalbe tubeless easy kit and added our own Enduro Tyres twist with the addition of a Bib-Up bead spray, which is proven when mounting Moto x and Enduro tyres to make your life much easier.

Buy your Enduro Tyres mountain bike service kit here.

We’ve got more coming soon!

We’re fairly new to the mountain bike game, so our stock is starting small but is certainly growing. From new mountain bike accessories coming in the new year to additional Michelin MTB tyres, you will be able to pick up even more of your downhill mountain bike gear from Enduro Tyres.

Purchase your downhill mountain bike gear from Enduro Tyres

Don’t forget, we offer next day delivery if you make a purchase before 1pm Monday – Friday, so save yourself a trip to the shops and purchase from Enduro Tyres today. Our team is always on hand to answer any of your mountain bike questions, take a look at our Instagram page for updates from our supported mountain bike riders.