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The best Enduro riding accessories

At endurotyres.com we specialise in supplying the best tyres for all your moto needs. Whether riding sandy, desert terrain or going extreme off-road, we have a tyre for you. Whilst

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At endurotyres.com we specialise in supplying the best tyres for all your moto needs. Whether riding sandy, desert terrain or going extreme off-road, we have a tyre for you. 

Whilst shopping for the right tyre to suit your ride is important, it’s best not to underestimate the value of choosing the best riding accessories too. 

In this article, we break down our top moto accessories and why you should have these ready for your next adventure. 

Rabaconda Tyre Changer

Changing a moto tyre can be time-consuming, complicated and, let’s face it, effort… 

We don’t have time to be messing about with multiple tools and gadgets and we know you don’t either. That’s why our top accessory recommendation has to be the Rabaconda Street Bike Tyre Changer. 

This handy piece of kit provides a fast solution to changing your tyre at home or trackside. This is definitely a must-have in our books! 

Buy Rabaconda Street Bike Tyre Changer here

Metzeler Mousse

If your tyre of choice is Metzeler then you’ll want to pair it with the right mousse. 

Avoiding flat tyres is likely near the top of your wishlist when it comes to race days so you’ll want to opt for a Mousse. 

Not only will this stop race-sabotaging punctures but the Metzeler Mousse features dynamic properties capable of making your ride faster, more efficient or simply effortless off-road racing.

Buy our Metzeler tyre and mousse combo deal here

Michelin Bib Mousse

As the UK’s number one seller of Michelin tyres, we absolutely had to make sure we stocked the Michelin Bib Mousse too. 

The Bib Mousse replaces the inner tyre so you’ll never have another puncture during motocross racing or competitions!

It can be used for a maximum of 6 months after fitting. However, the lifespan of Michelin Bib Mousse varies considerably depending on the intensity of usage and the discipline practised. For example, it will be much shorter for Motocross than for Enduro.

Buy the Enduro Medium combo deal here

Pod Active

Enduro and motocross are pretty high-impact sports and the risk of injury can be greatly reduced by wearing the right protection. 

We absolutely champion the Pod Active knee brace range as a must-have for all your rides so you can race to your full potential and test the limits of every ride. 

So does it really matter which brand I wear? Well, we think it does. Pod Active knee braces are, in our opinion, unbeatably strong with a forged carbon frame and hinges engineered to be 5x stronger than steel! The human motion technology used on the hinges is ultra-shock absorbing and modified to break the impact, there’s really nothing else like it on the market. 

Buy Pod Active knee braces here


Okay, so this isn’t the most exciting accessory, we know, but it’s pretty important so we had to include it on our top 5 accessories list. 

We’re pretty confident we stock the best Enduro and Motocross chain money can buy – the DID 520 ERVT Narrow Enduro Racing Narrow X-Ring Chain gives you the durability of an X-Ring chain in a width as narrow as non-sealed chains, with almost zero drag compared to a conventional O ring.

Buy DID 520 Enduro / MX O Ring Chain here

Ready for the competition

So now you have the kit it’s time to hit the tracks – we’re confident you’re going to be performing at your very best with these Moto accessories in your wheelhouse.

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Happy riding!